Weekly Wrap-up

I set goals early this week to take care of some non-blogging projects, but I hadn’t meant to completely avoid the internet. That’s just the way the priority ball bounces sometimes, I guess.

I was looking forward to catching up tonight, but after a delightful (and exhausting) workout with my sister in synchronicty, Mary from A Merry Life, my mind has now turned to mush. A clear sign of a truly great workout. :)

So I’ll leave you to the weekend with apologies for my absence, along with a peace offering of these interesting links that arrived in my reader this week:

From Dumb Little Man:
Increase Your Happiness with These Six Scientifically Proven Strategies
(#1–Set the Intent to be Happier–will be my focus for the weekend! Followed closely by #2–Count Your Blessings)

Top 10 Tips for Maintaining a Positive Attitude
(Again, the first one is on my agenda for the next couple of days)

For the Twitter-phobic, an article from Wisebread:
What Everybody Ought to Know about Twitter
(Nice and concise, but did nothing to add hours to my busy days. I don’t know how other folks find the time for so much tweeting! Clearly, I must be doing something wrong.)

And then again from Dumb Little Man:
5 Things to Do When Twitter Goes Down

From Unclutterer, a post for the ink-lovers amongst ye:
To-Do Tattoos
(Now this is a tattoo I would consider getting! Or maybe I’ll just keep using my Sharpie marker.)

And finally, for you Skechers lovers out there, The Bargainist hooks you up with a $10 off coupon. I’m resisting, opting to save my $$$ for a Vitamix 5200. You know, just in case the Vitamix people don’t randomly decide to send me one for free. :)

Oh, and speaking of $$$ and free stuff, now is a good time for my usual (and unfortunate) disclaimer that I have no financial affiliations with any commercial products listed here. My role is simply to drool over them.

Wishing you all a most marvelous weekend!