What Next?

A two-for-one post, of sorts.

First, a big THANK YOU for your responses to yesterday’s rather intimate Makeover Monday post. Some of you jumped right in with tips and suggestions, others abstained in a good-natured way (who knew we had so many horticulturalists?), and others couldn’t reach their back buttons soon enough, no doubt. I appreciate ALL of you. Even you, anonymous commenter for whom I struck a negative nerve. (You point is well taken, even if your method of delivery kinda sucked.) The whole point of the post was to share information for people who might not be comfortable with their current state down there and want to know about options.

I knew before I posted the topic that not everyone would be comfortable reading it, but I did it anyway. As someone who came of age (and beyond) without many resources at hand for understanding all parts of her body, it’s important to me to be open about such subjects, to learn and to share information, when possible. I do respect, however, that some folks aren’t quite as open about these things. Rest assured that I will always try to give an introductory warning before posting such topics, in case you want to run for the hills. :)

Moving forward…I’m trying to figure out what my Next Big Thing will be. I’m not really *feeling* the gym right now, but these dog days of summer in Memphis are rather brutal for outdoor exercising. I’m thinking I may explore yoga/Pilate’s classes, if I can find some affordable ones in the area. Until then, I’ll keep to the current program.

I still haven’t had a post-vacation weigh-in. I may do that tonight, or maybe tomorrow. My re-entry into TippyToesVille has gone relatively well. I’ve been trying to stay a few hundred calories under maintenance levels, but I suspect I’ve cut it close on a few days. That would be okay, though. The main goal is to eat healthy at or below maintenance level and to move, and I’ve been 100% on target with that.

I’m beginning to think I can live my whole life this way. Stick to The Plan most of the time, and let it out a little (or more than a little) on vacations and for special events, like my upcoming birthday. Then move right back to The Plan.

That’s it for me today. Nothing particularly useful, I’m afraid. Maybe tomorrow. But don’t worry; I’ll stay above the waist for a while. :)