And Now, A Word from Our Sponsors

Okay, so they’re not really sponsors, but these companies did send me some samples to try. I just thought having “sponsors” sounded kind of lofty. Rest assured, no $$$ exchanged hands. Not even an offer of $$$ (not even $).

Going in order of receipt…

Pond’s Towelettes
– PR-rep Katie sent me a package of Pond’s Wet Cleaning Towelettes (Original Clean formula), specifically recommending them as a post-workout cleanser. (Katie is smart that way. That, or she’s seen me after a workout!) Well, not only did I find these towelettes to be good cleansers, they’re also soothing to my over-heated, post-workout skin. They even remove the sweatyraccoon-eye traces of my so-called waterproof mascara! (Yes, I wear mascara to the gym. Get over it! I also wear deodorant, but I don’t hear anyone snickering over that!)

Follow the Pond’s link above for more info…and a coupon for $1.50 off! (I couldn’t get the coupon to print, but you may have better luck.)

SunButter Sunflower Seed Spread – The SunButter team sent me a sample of their tasty sunflower seed spread, which I found to be quite tasty and a nice occasional alternative for my beloved peanut butter. I’ve only had it on its own, so far, but I’ll be doing the true test–sunbutter and banana sandwich–soon! Click on the SunButter link above to learn more about this product.

When Danielle at True North Snacks offered to send me some snacks to try, I jumped at the opportunity. (Read: camped out at mailbox for a week, waiting for them to arrive.) I’d seen the products in the store, but since I don’t usually buy any packaged snacks, I hadn’t taken the plunge. Danielle surprised me by NOT sending sample sizes, but three regular-size snack bags! (I’m still not sure whether to be grateful or upset. :)) Specifically I received the new flavors Apple Cinnamon Nut Clusters, Citrus Burst Nut Clusters, and Almond Cranberry Crisps.

Folks, these are good. Dangerously good. So good I had to hide them from myself in the appliance pantry (second shelf, behind the airpopper) to avoid going overboard. I even rationed out the tasting process over a period of a couple of weeks. (I deserve a freaking medal for that alone.)

This is processed food, but the ingredients are real food, with almonds listed first on the products I tried. One ingredient earning a caution: sugar. I can definitely taste the sweetness, but it doesn’t send that lovely little zing! rushing through my body like a Little Debbie Swiss Roll. :) According to the label there are 5g or 6g of sugar per serving, depending on the product. By comparison, a Little Debbie Swiss Roll has 25+g of sugar per serving. That’s enough of a difference that if I’m longing for a sweet-n-crunchy splurge snack, this is definitely a product I’ll consider in the future…in small quantities. If sugary or sweet foods are negative triggers that send you off the nutritional deep end, you might think twice before purchasing.

If you’re interested in trying these snacks, click on the True North link above to go to their product page, where you will find a $1 off coupon.

With that, I think I’m caught up on product samples. (Quick reminder to the Smart Car people that I’m up for reviewing your cute little auto on my cross-country trip next month! Or any other auto with new brakes I didn’t have to pay for!)

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a review of a fun new book and a giveaway of said fun new book. You’ll have to come back if you want the nitty gritty.

Hope you’re all having as wonderful a week as I am!