Book Review: 101 Things to Do Before You Diet by Mimi Spencer

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I’m not much for “diet” books, so when Rodale Books offered me the opportunity to review 101 Things to Do Before You Diet by Mimi Spencer, I almost politely declined. It was the subtitle that intrigued me: Because Looking Great Isn’t Just About Losing Weight. Ain’t that the truth!

As it turns out, this isn’t a “diet” book at all. Author Mimi Spencer, a U.K.-based fashion & beauty journalist, offers a collection of small changes {pause for TippyToe Tingle!} the reader can make to feel better about herself at her current weight. These include not only suggested changes to menu and movement, but also tips and tricks for dressing to flatter the body, no matter it’s shape or size. To round things out, there are also several tips on changing mindset and outlook. (Tip #4: “Stop Worshipping Thin and Love the Skin You’re In”–one of my favorites.)

Many of the tips are things most of us already know. It’s just that we sometimes don’t do them very well and need reminding. Ms. Spencer’s writing style lends itself to that. She’s not a medical professional nor a psychologist, and she doesn’t pretend to be. Her voice is much more Auntie Mame than Dr. Oz, if you know what I mean.

I did find a few quibbles here and there (with 101 things, I was bound to), but overall I enjoyed the book, so much so that I’ll forgive the careless “muscle weighs more than fat” advice and tip #68: “Wear Heels. Always” (these tippy toes don’t do heels, not for more than an hour).

With a nutritional focus on eating mostly fresh, whole foods in proper portions and an internal focus on loving who we are as we are, there’s more than enough to keep me happy and returning for reference.

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