Cooking Up a Storm with Cammy

We’ve been having daily thunderstorms lately, and I’ve decided it might be my fault. I cooked twice this week, which may have confused the Universe.

My all new favorite chicken marinade is a combination of frozen pineapple orange juice concentrate and barbecue sauce. I scoop a couple tablespoons of the concentrate into a bowl and let it thaw. Then I stir in an equal barbecue sauce. (I’m using commercial sauce, since I have it on hand, but there are loads of recipes out there for DIY.) I marinate the chicken in the fridge for a short time and then toss it in the slow cooker overnight. Voila! Dinner for the next two days is ready before I even have my breakfast.

Tonight I’m pairing my chicken with Tomato-Cucumber Salad (I’ll be adding black olives) using these tomatoes:
Guess where I got them? From my backyard, that’s where! Yep, I grew these with my very own well-manicured hands.

Tomorrow night I’m trying Wild Rice Salad with Orange Vinaigrette. A Minnesota friend gifted me with local-to-her wild rice, and I’m eager to try it. Why do I have visions of me picking rice off my ceiling?

My new favorite snack/mini-meal on workout days is homemade pizza, using Orowheat/Arnold Sandwich Thins (no affiliation), tomato sauce, mozzarella, black olives, and turkey pepperoni. I can get a little over 15g of protein from this “snack”, which is paying off energy-wise.

As you can see, I don’t do complicated cooking. I’ll save that for you masters of cookery. For me, this is enough.

And that’s enough from me this week! I’m off for my walk and then to get flu shot #1. After that, who knows what I’ll get up to. I’ve already finished my to-do list for today, so I might go exploring.

Any special plans for you this weekend?