Smoothie Success

The fact that my old crappy blender will successfully make a green smoothie if I load the ingredients in a different order is both good and bad news. The good news is that I’m enjoying both green and non-green smoothies; the bad news is that I have no pressing need to go buy the shiny new (and much-desired) Vitamix. I would normally do it in a heartbeat, of course, but Frugal!Cammy refuses. Since she’s the one in charge of keeping us from bankruptcy, she wins.

At least for now.

Tonight I tried a green carrot cake smoothie. I didn’t exactly have all the right ingredients (had to sub orange-pineapple juice concentrate for the crushed pineapple and plain yogurt for vanilla yogurt) and it tasted an itsy bit off while I was drinking it. The aftertaste, however, is decidedly carrot cake-ish. There are other carrot cake smoothie recipes out there (one that uses baby food carrots!), and I may try another one soon.

The green smoothie option is nice to have for now. I’m a little over done on salads at the moment, so this is a good way to get some green in my daily diet. I’ve tried (and tried) to like spinach–on its own and in other dishes–but nothing has clicked. The smoothie route works because I can’t taste the spinach at all. Honest! I tried my simple chocolate whey protein and soy milk smoothie with and without the green stuff, and there was no discernable difference to my spinach-wary taste buds.

For some absolutely awesome smoothie recipes, follow the link to one of my previous posts. You’ll quickly see that the awesome-ness isn’t in my post; it’s in the comments. I asked and I received–in yummy abundance! {pauses for another moment of gratitude}

That’s it for me today…and probably for the week. My reader is filling up, and I’d like to spend some time catching up on reading other people’s blogs. :)

Wishing U.S. folks a happy and safe holiday weekend. And to the international folks, a happy and safe plain old ordinary weekend.