Western Tour: The First Four Days

Four days, 1700 miles, 4 bananas, 4 yogurt parfaits, 3 apples, and 1 chocolate-dipped pretzel later….

You know, I’ve always been sympathetic to the Native American community, but until now, I never really understood the whole “sacredness of the land” thing. I get it now. The southwestern U.S. is truly a magical, amazing area.

My favorite place so far was Albuquerque’s Old Town area. Lots of shops and restaurants, but also a large plaza to sit and people-watch. (It’s also the locale of the choco-pretzel mentioned earlier.)

Sandia Peak

This is another favorite place and also a favorite memory. I actually rode up in this tram, which is something I never would’ve done before weight loss, for fear that other passengers might get off the car when they saw my size or the tram operators would’ve said I was too much of a risk. (The things we worry about!) Getting on the tram wasn’t easy after weight loss, given the height and the slenderness of the cables holding the thing up, but I was determined to give it a whirl.
The view of Albuquerque was worth it. The sense of accomplishment was, as they say, priceless.

Eating has been in check, but well, let’s just say it’s also been luxurious. :) Very little “official” exercise, but hours of walking and stair climbing. I did try yesterday, but the tiny hotel fitness center was packed. As I post this, I’m heading to today’s hotel fitness center (I have to, it’s next to the breakfast area), and then more walking today at Hoover Dam and Las Vegas!

I have a few photos posted here.

Hope you’re all having a spectacular week!