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I hope you all had a most marvelous Thanksgiving weekend! I sure did, which gives me even more reasons to be thankful. Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

For those of you whom I left sitting on the edge of your seats all weekend, fretting about the value of my Sports Authority gift certificate…drumroll…$10!! (Everyone who is not surprised, raise your hands. Ah, a majority. :) ) Still, every little bit helps. I purchased new Duofold base layers (top and bottom, in black) and some Columbia fleece pants. I shall be nice and toasty warm now!

At another store, I purchased the Bender Ball (it was on sale AND I had a 20% coupon!) As of this writing it is serving as a paperweight, but I hope to use it later today.

It’s interesting how many fitness-related items are on my Wish List these days. In fact, other than a new desktop computer (current one is about 8 years old) and a few household items, everything on my wish list is related to fitness. Since I grudgingly gave up visits from Santa so that he might focus on the children, I no longer send him a list, but if I did, it would look something like this:

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor or any Garmin, for that matter.
Sunny Health & Fitness 25 Lbs. Adjustable Chrome Dumbbell – I like this one for compactness.
Columbia Sportswear Women’s Pagora Hiking Shoe – I’m thinking about joining a local hiking group, now that the snakes are sleeping it off for the winter.
Bosu 3D System Balance Trainer – I loved working out with the BOSU ball. My balance is pathetic, which is part of what made it so much fun. I may have to make this a reward purchase for something big.

I should stop there. I could add bike accessories galore and sports bras in every color, but I don’t want to look greedy. :)

Huh. I should stop writing about exercise and get out and actually do some. But before I go, I’m wondering what would be on your Dear Santa fitness wish list? (I’ll take notes, in case I ever win the lottery.)

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0 thoughts on “Fitness Wish List

  1. that's a great wish list! hmmmm mine would include new athletic shoes, but instead that will be my reward if i ever go to the gym again. oopsy, WHEN i go to the gym again. good shopping, nice deals!

  2. New running shoes (I have a new pair and a back up but darn it if I don't want a back up to the back up) :)

  3. I really need a new pair of running tights. I currently have some that are okay for 35 degrees plus, but once it gets colder than that I need something warmer.

    I'd also like a new set of Fiesta dishes to use after I run. Does that count?

  4. Id love love love an elliptical.
    in my house.
    with a bigbig bow on it.
    and FYI
    hanukkah starts 12/11 :)

  5. Love your list & your purchases!!! My wish list is too big! With lack of $$, I do not buy much for myself & with 7 grandkids.. well!!!

    I would love to have a number of fitness related items for sure since I need so many but I wish I would win the lotto so I could take my hard working hubby on a vacation away from the craziness!!

    Me, just once, I would love a mag to want me to be their reader model! Yes, I am still trying! :-)