Makeover Monday Redux: Handbag Re-do

Greetings from New Mexico (again)! I’ve made the turn east and am headed for home, where I will probably land on Tuesday or Wednesday. Photos have been updated through San Francisco. (linked)

This week’s Makeover Monday post is once again revisiting a topic from last year. This revisit is inspired by the sore shoulder I’ve acquired from carrying around a purse/tote bag crammed with…stuff. I’ve done so well on keeping an organized handbag, until this trip. Now, it’s all a jumble of papers, maps, brochures, and…stuff. Time for a re-do, for sure.

If your handbag (wallet, gym bag, briefcase, etc.) could use a makeover, check out this post (linked) for some handy tips!

I’ve missed you all so much! My reader is at 623 unread posts, so I know what I’ll be doing while I’m catching up laundry. :)

Be well…and have an awesome week!