Hello, Woman's Day!

The December 1st issue of Woman’s Day magazine has a wee article mentioning three weight loss/fitness blogs and just who do you think was among the three? If you guessed The Tippy Toe Diet, you’d be correct! I’d heard about this but hadn’t mentioned it because I hadn’t seen it with my own four eyes. Today I saw it.

From Blogger Pictures

To be mentioned at all is quite flattering, but to be included with Roni and Shelley is beyond awesome as they’re spectacular bloggers.

Big thanks to Woman’s Day for the article. We all know the importance of the community aspect of blogging, and it’s nice to think other folks who are struggling might give it a try. I only wish they hadn’t titled the article, “Blogging Your Way Skinny.” Given that the three blogs mentioned have a specific focus on becoming healthier (not skinny!), the title makes me cringe a little. Oh well, if it catches someone’s attention and convinces them to give blogging a try, I guess it’s worth a little suffering on my part. :) But to clarify to any Woman’s Day readers checking in here: I’m not skinny and don’t care to be, so if you see me on the street, don’t get the wrong idea that I’m letting myself go. 😀

(Disclosure: I don’t have any affiliation with Woman’s Day, although I do have a subscription to their magazine. I’m pretty sure they didn’t make the connection. :))

0 thoughts on “Hello, Woman's Day!

  1. I picked up Women's Day in Geneva, Switzerland and the article led me to your site. I'm glad that I came.

  2. Cammy – I saw you in the magazine and have been following since. I was looking for inspiration. I recently started a small blog myself and am amazed at how motivating it is. It seems like a whole new world where everyone has similar stories to mine. Thanks for sharing.