Makeover Monday

I’m making over my makeover. Although there are plenty of areas of my life I’d like to improve, or explore the possibilities for improvement, I’m not making over anything this week. Instead, I’m going to focus on accepting the imperfect me just as I am. You’re cordially invited to join me.

Sometimes I pursue makeovers simply because a product or concept looks interesting. It’s fun to try new things. Sometimes, though, it’s because I’m dissatisfied with some aspect of my life, which is fine if the dissatisfaction is based on some self-determined and realistic standard, but not fine if I’m holding myself to some impossible standard. It’s also not fine if along the way, I forget to acknowledge and celebrate the truly good things about being me. Instead, I develop a pattern on focusing on the negatives, and I know from experience that what I focus on gains momentum.

Three relatively simple things to do to move along (or back onto) the road to self-acceptance:

* Start your day by repeating this quasi-mantra: “Today starts today.” Accepting ourselves includes accepting that our past behaviors can’t be undone. We can (and should) apologize to those we’ve wronged or hurt, including ourselves, but we must move on from it. Let today begin today, with the past in its proper place.

* Before you leave home, visualize yourself going through your day being your best self, regardless of size, shape, or physical imperfections (real or imagined.) See yourself being happy in your own skin, without thought or concern as to how you are perceived by others.

* Set aside a few minutes at the end of the day to write down the good things you did that day. Yes, record your diet and exercise, if you must, but the idea is to go deeper, to highlight those things that show the wonderful person you are, inside and out. After all, your value to the planet is not dependent on the size of your blue jeans, be they size 6, 16, or 26.

Self-improvement is a good thing. I highly recommend it.

Self-acceptance is a beautiful thing. It allows us to live in the moment or looking ahead, which in turns allows us to move forward, loving ourselves all the way.


With that said, Makeover Monday is on hiatus indefinitely. I’ll still be trying new things from time to time (and sharing them here, no doubt–it’s how I’m made), but I think it’s time to shift to something else. Maybe Time Saver Tuesday or something along those lines. That will free up Mondays to tell you about my fascinating weekends. :)