One Holiday Down, One to Go

As splurges go, this annual event wasn’t particularly spectacular. Oh, there was a slab of chocolate cake, sure. But that’s pretty much it. I tried to splurge on catfish for dinner, but I had only two small pieces. One serving of mashed potatoes, one serving of green beans (country style), and a wheat roll. I’m probably pretty close to calorie count for the day. I failed the Splurge Test. Me!!

Oh well, at least my nutritional goals were shot. I guess I’ll have to hold on to that. And try harder at Christmas. :)

It was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day in Memphis, and I had the bright idea to ride my bicycle to the restaurant where I was meeting my family. It was an easy 5 mile ride, one way, and it gave me time to contemplate my blessings and to be thankful for them. I also gave thanks for making it to the restaurant without getting squished by a turkey-dazed motorist.

On the way home, I happened upon a cute little dog running across a fairly busy street. I stopped and tried to catch him, but he wasn’t interested. He darted back into the street and into the path of a car. Fortunately, the driver slammed on his brakes and while the car did make contact with the dog, it was apparently a glancing blow as the dog got up and dashed across the street again. I followed and found him visiting with some dogs (properly behind their fence) on another street, probably bitching about the car that got in his way. I hope his owners found him. He wouldn’t let me near him, before or after the incident.

With the great dog adventure, I wound up taking a different route home and eventually rode 12 miles. That’s a decent ride for me, and I am pleased.

So tomorrow is the so-called Black Friday. I’m no hardcore participant, but I will be at Sports Authority when they open the doors. The first 80 people in line receive a gift card with a value from $10 to $500 (who wants to bet mine will be worth $10?), and I need some new Duo-fold thermal pants. I would also like to find some fleece pants. If I should happen to get the $500 card, I’ll be bringing home an elliptical. :)

Other planned stops: Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Pier 1, and Target, if the parking lot doesn’t look too crazy. Oh, and maybe I’ll stop at this store:

Obviously a typo, but wouldn’t it be nice? :)

Hope you all had a wonderful day today, whether you were celebrating Thanksgiving or just enjoying a beautiful Thursday!

5 thoughts on “One Holiday Down, One to Go

  1. hope you got some great deals shopping on black friday! i loved your story about following the dog to make sure it was ok, i would do the same thing. and way to go on not overindulging! that is awesome.

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