Tippy Toe Re-Start

Boy, you leave home for a month and the routine is hard to find again. Three time zones changes, the change in Daylight Savings Time, and two strong bouts of PMS haven’t helped. :)

While it feels as though my vacation was one month-long splurge, when I think back on it, I realize that I really didn’t stray too far from The Good Path (if you exclude Las Vegas which is now just a sugary blur.) I had more beef in one month than I had in the previous twelve (FOUR cheeseburgers!), and more sweets than I did in the previous two years, but other than that, it was mostly lean meats, veggies, and fruit. I’m feeling pretty pleased about that. It feels like I passed some sort of test.

Exercise wasn’t much of a problem on the trip. I didn’t do much in the way of structured workouts, mainly because I was too busy walking and biking so much, but most days had some sort of activity built into them. Some days had LOTS of activity.

I haven’t gone back to the gym–or the scale–yet, as I’ve been busy catching up (17 bags of leaves, so far.) I’ve bicycled some of my errands, and I’m counting two hours of leaf raking/bagging as one hour of gym time. I’m using the fact that all my clothes still fit, and that I (mostly) like the way I look in them, as permission to continue this path. Until Sunday, at least, when I plan to begin with structured workouts again. :)

Having the opportunity to take this trip was truly a gift. I had never seen the southwestern US or any part of the Pacific coastal areas, although I always wanted to. I can’t say that the itch has been successfully scratched. More like, whetted my appetite to see moremoremore!

Favorite places: San Francisco (CA), Albuquerque (NM), and Venice Beach (CA)! All very active and vibrant communities in which I felt very much alive and at home.

Close runners up: Lake Mead (outside Las Vegas) and the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Peaceful and hauntingly beautiful.

A few photos are here: Cammy’s Western Tour. I took a gajillion more photos, but after a jillion, the desert shots start to look alike. :)

With that, we return to our previously scheduled blogging.

(Edited to fix photo link: Thanks for the heads up!)