Healthy Fun at School?

Interesting article in the local paper this morning about a new school program coordinated by the National Dairy Council and the National Football League: Fuel Up to Play 60. Through health fairs and workshops, students learn about the benefits of healthy eating and being active, and then earn points/prizes for themselves and their schools by tracking their progress. For added fun and to bring out the old school spirit, students can check out their school’s ranking against other schools via an online scoreboard.

I like this program. It provides an opportunity for students who might not have the healthiest pantries at home to learn about more nutritious foods and helps them build good exercise habits at an early age. I also like that the emphasis seems to be on what they do, not how they look.

This article brought back memories of my own school days. I played basketball, volleyball, and softball (none of them well), and although I was slightly overweight, I was fairly fit. (What I wasn’t was “skinny”, and from that, a 1000 diets were born.) My high school system only required one year of Physical Education, and then you were on your own. I went to the mall and hung out at Dairy Queen. This morning, I’m wondering if I would have joined in a program like “Fuel Up” if I’d had the option.

Probably, if the cute boys were there. :)

What about you? Were you physically active during your school years? Would a program like this encouraged you to be more active?

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  1. I wasn't an athlete but did the Jane Fonda Workout Challenge. (that still kicks my butt) But what got me more into exercise as an adult was watching my sons and hubby take a class from a real Sensei at Karate. He was over 60 and the fastest, most flexible one. He said.
    "No retire. No quit." He achieved a center split at 60. I realized I wasn't going to get new body. I had to take care of this one!

    Rebecca Regnier

  2. In Jr. High I wanted to run track but my mother wouldn't let me because I had asthma. Oh, I wish we knew then what we know now – I might have been a contender. 😉

    I was a very healthy weight/size in school but never realized it. I tryed to get out of Physical Ed. as much as possible.

  3. I was fit in my school years, always playing on the play ground, participating in sports. Although I would have liked to learn about healthy eating. I mean, they taught us the "food pyramid" and things like that, but it was never really taught to us as something important so to say. Just a more "follow the food pyramid and you'll be healthy" type thing. I think its a great thing to have such a program available to students. Like you said, even if they don't have the healthy pantries to go home to, they can learn and reiterate it to the family.

  4. i always hate p.e but now i wish i was more engage with physical activity and i will be healthier and thin

  5. Although I was heavy as a youth, I was very physically active. We had "gym class" for all 4 years of my high school & in lower grades too. I also joined many sports as well as doing cheerleading in junior high & drill team in high school so I was obviously eating more than I worked off but I was "fit".

    Being heavy left me with a huge inferiority complex so I am not sure if I would have joined a program. Although I did all the things above, I always felt self-conscious. Isn't that weird!

  6. We only had to take PE one semester in high school and a lot of us took it in the summer so we didn't have to work too hard.

    I hated PE in school. I wasn't overweight, but just really out of shape!

  7. i never really understood the whole exercise thing until college. and i've struggled with my weight since elementary school. huh, go figure, maybe there's a connection :) i think i would have participated in a program like that in school, for sure!

  8. Very cool program. They emphasize healthy weight and fitness, but without being compulsory or focusing on unreliable guides like BMI's. Nice.

    My mall had Orange Julius. Not. Good.

    Don't lie…I bet you served a killer volleyball.

  9. I did little in school at all.
    I was so uncoordinated (still am) and this was all before Title 9 so my parents felt no pressure to deviate from their focus of brains over brawn :)

    senior year of hs I hit the Jane Fonda hard as well to get into my prom dress and then toss the tape immediately after.