How I Scored $8 in Free Groceries

Good one-day sale at Kroger this morning, especially for fruit and nuts. Since those items are a staple for me, I was at the store bright and early. Four-pound bag of navel oranges @$2.50: check. One-pound bag of shelled walnuts @$2.99: check times two. Same price for almonds: double check again. Pears @ $0.99/pound: in my basket. And so on. I was pleased.

The pleasure ended as I reviewed my receipt on the way to the car. I try to keep up with it as the clerk is scanning, but the way they ring up sales is goofy (full price, then take off the sales price at the end), and my math isn’t so perky early in the a.m. I had been overcharged for the oranges and one bag of almonds. Oh no!

When I returned to customer service to ask for the $2.50 difference to be refunded, I learned that the store has a policy of refunding the full price of any item that scans an incorrect price. Thus, my refund was $8.60. Free groceries! Healthy groceries, at that!

And all because I took the time to check my receipt!

Now that I think about it, I actually got a bag of Baked Lays for free too, using a coupon Kroger sent me as part of their store rewards program. That’s another $3.79.

So what will I do with this minor cash windfall? Why, go out to lunch, of course. :)

Don’t forget to check out the review and enter the drawing for the EatSmart Digital Scale. You have until Sunday night, so the clock is ticking!

Wishing you all a joyous weekend!

0 thoughts on “How I Scored $8 in Free Groceries

  1. AWESOME! we do not have a kroger's here in kc but this will remind me to check the sales circulars, for sure!

  2. YES! Our Ralphs stores do the same thing. I always check my receipts no matter what store. Good for you & free groceries!

  3. I've done this at Kroger too. I am a price watcher, and I almost always get at least one item free every week. Sometimes it annoys the cashiers if I point it out, but the price should be correct!!

    Good for you!