My Dog Ate My Workout and Other Randomness

My dog ate my workout? Well, that’s a marginally better excuse than “I forgot to work out yesterday.” But only marginally.

How does this happen? Something that’s been a routine part of my day, six days a week, for two years and I forgot? Sad, but true. Yesterday was one of those runrunrun days, and I got a tad behind. It was only as I was on my way home from an art show last night that I realized I had never actually done my workout. It was planned for 3:00 (when Law & Order comes on TNT), but I was out delivering Christmas goodies then. The early evening was taken up with the art show, and I’ve learned not to work out after 8:00 p.m., lest I be sitting up , wide-eyed, at two a.m. So no workout for Cammy on a planned workout day.

I don’t like to miss my planned workouts. It leaves me grumpy. I don’t like being grumpy either.

I’ve missed a handful of workouts over the past couple of years, and I dealt with it by tacking on 5-10 minutes to workouts in the following days. It worked well, and I thought that’s what I might do this time. Until I got up this morning and saw the large number of leaves in my front yard. I predict 2-3 hours, at least. More than enough raking, bending, stooping, lunging, and lifting to make up for yesterday.

Whew. Close call. :)

In random news, here’s a lovely story from yesterday’s local paper. It seems a young woman was trying to send a box of Christmas items to Australia. When the post office clerk told her it would cost $190 to ship, it was clear to all that it was more than she had expected. She stepped outside to make a few phone calls to see if she could find the money somewhere. While she was outside, the man who’d been behind her in line…paid for her postage! On his way out, he told the young woman that the clerk wanted to see her. He never mentioned that he had paid the $190 to ship her package. Needless to say, she was overwhelmed, as were many in the post office at the time.

Since this young woman didn’t get to thank him, I will. Thank you, Post Office Santa Angel! You brightened more than one life this week!

Now that you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy (and I wonder about you if you’re not), here are a few interesting posts I’ve come across recently:

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Random enough for you? Feel free to share any random and interesting links you found this week. It will give me something to read while I recover from all the leaf raking. :)

Happy Weekend!


9 thoughts on “My Dog Ate My Workout and Other Randomness

  1. What a wonderful story! It is so nice that random acts of kindness really do happen – both big & small.

    Whew, all the leaf raking should certainly do the trick…although the 'dog ate my workout' gave me a giggle. 😉

    Have an excellent weekend!

  2. you made me giggle with the workout excuse, and smile with the post office angel. thanks! and kudos to you for finding a way to work in the activity you missed, and then some. thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great weekend!

  3. I am like you, I don't like to miss my workouts.. now why does that not surprise you! :-)

    LOVED that post office story!!! How wonderful!

    So, how did the raking go???

    You find way better random posts than I do!

  4. I didn't work out either and my gosh am I WITCHY. I was just reading a post on Foodie McBody about this. 'Splains a lot.

  5. Those 5 ridiculous alarm clocks are all harsh and evil ways to start your day! haha!

    Seriously, I changed my alarm to a song of soothing happy chimes, and it just feels so much better to be "sung" out of bed by the chiming music than harshly ordered awake by ugly noises. Highly recommended as a way to start the day. :)

  6. That is the most WONDERFUL story I've read in awhile. The Christmas spirit is alive and well and for someone to do something like that for another stranger warms my heart. Thank you so much for posting that. Merry Christmas!

  7. It happens. Sorry it made you grumpy. :(

    But at least you got the raking done and got a workout! Woohoo!

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