A White Christmas, of Sorts

So MizFit’s having a Christmas Eve Blogger Virtual Talent Show. Tough for someone with no discernible talents to find a way to join in. Most days, I’m happy if I get through without requiring sutures or a straight jacket.

While I was pondering what “talent” I might possibly share, a news report flashed across the TV screen re: the blizzard/snow storm barreling across the country. The announcer commented on the bleakness of the snow scape, which I thought was beautiful (not having to live in it and all). And that reminded me…

Years ago, I took a fun little creative writing course. It wasn’t so much about writing as it was about unleashing our creative selves. In one exercise, we had to choose a color and write from the point of view of the color. What I thought of as the “fun” colors were all taken, so I chose to go with something simple: white. The following was the result:


I am a color that most people don’t even see. When people do notice me, they write me off as plain or simple — basic white. They don’t recognize my true power.

The bolder colors know my power and fear me, for one drop
of my essence and black becomes gray, red becomes pink, purple becomes lavender.

Bold colors don’t like that, and I must be careful. If another color invades my space, I cease to exist entirely.

No, my world is far from basic, for I am a color of intricacy and opposition, teeming with contradiction:

I am the taste of bitter, dusty chalk and smooth,
velvety cream.

I am icy stinging sleet on a frigid winter day and
the gently falling ash of a raging volcano.

I envelop a newborn child when he is pulled from the womb
and light the path to eternity as man draws his last breath.

I am the neon moon that gives shadow to the night sky
and the blinding noonday sun from which there is no respite.

In theology, I clothe the angels; in reality,
I costume the hate-mongering Klansman.

My skin is one man’s privilege and another man’s burden.

In many cultures I stand for innocence, purity and peace;
yet, I also embellish the crosses on the graves of men slain in battle.

I am basic white and rarely as simple as my surface appears.

::cue Ta-Da!:: (and possibly men with hook and/or straight jacket)

What occurs to me now is that my talent is not so much in writing, but in finding a way to work through almost any situation, whether it’s a silly writing assignment or something more serious, like losing 100 pounds. :)

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, white or otherwise. :)

7 thoughts on “A White Christmas, of Sorts

  1. I am amazed & awed by your writing talent! AND all you have done personally!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. beautiful :) and i am in some of the by-product of that winter storm you mentioned, love the huge snow drift in front of the garage! we're staying in today so there's plenty of time to shovel it out with breaks for hot chocolate.
    have a merry merry christmas cammy!!

  3. catching up (ahhh inlaws yer visit throws me off) and LOVE THIS.
    you are so freakin talented woman we needeth to get ye a book deal in 2010.

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