Cruisin' into the Weekend

First, a big–and I mean BIG–thanks to those who offered up their favorite fitness sites. I’ll get them compiled into a list over the weekend. Thanks to those of you who suggested my site. I truly appreciate it, but I don’t really consider myself a ‘fitness site’, per se.

So how’s everyone doing? On plan and full speed ahead? Stumbling, fumbling, but still making progress? Completely off track, but s-l-o-w-l-y moving back to center? Crashed and burned?

Wherever you are on the fitness scale, my biggest wish for you as we head into this weekend is that you know you have it within you to be successful. You deserve it. You are worth it. The victory is yours to claim.

“The first and most important step toward success is the feeling that we can succeed.” Nelson Boswell

As for me, I’m on target with nutrition, but not so much on the exercise. I’ve finally gotten my bathroom remodeling projects underway (pics later), and for this week, the tile guys and the plumber won the time battle. I managed a few walks and a Pilates home session (loved it!), but the week was not up to my exercise standards. Will reset and continue, starting this weekend when I plan to come up with some sort of “exercise obstacle course” to work in while I complete the massive dusting and vacuuming that must occur thanks to the tile guys and plumber. I’ll let you know how that turns out and whether or not it was any fun. :) I guarantee you I will have a successful weekend! (she says confidently, but with her fingers crossed to be on the safe side.)

So what are YOU doing this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it immensely!

14 thoughts on “Cruisin' into the Weekend

  1. remodelling, excitement! looking forward to the pics!

    i am stumbling and fumbling but still making progress. exercising consistently, started back tracking my food yesterday. need to work on the fruits and veggies again.

    have a fab weekend!

  2. Oh Cammy, I always love reading your posts!!! I'm OP and FULL SPEED ahead!!!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  3. Can't wait to see pics. Will they be of you doing the obstacle course? :-)

    Me, this weekend… coffee & treat & reading out somewhere with huibby & the errands of course too!

  4. Hey Cammy! Can't wait to see the pics. :) Nothing major planned for the weekend. I will be doing some work and hopefully some play! Have a great one! :0)

  5. Can't wait!! How fun. We have no big plans for the weekend which is how I like it!

  6. I'm moving this weekend. I don't know that I'll enjoy it immensely, but I will surely enjoy being done with it immensely!! And either way, it will surely be a good workout. :-)

  7. Cammy thanks for the reminder to stay strong over the weekend…I know does get hard having hubby home and we "vege" out together….doesnt help when you then start thinking of food does it….but I am in the right frame of mind these days and have stayed in control of what I am eating and still exercising. I do need to start pushing myself a bit with the exercise…that's where I struggle…I don't like getting hot and sweaty and do work up a sweat easily…so pushing hurts more and makes me feel yuk. I need to over come this somehow…but how? Hugs Khris

  8. You are so lovely. :) I loved the pre-weekend pep talk.

    And on the agenda for this weekend? I have a 10 mile run planned Sunday. Is it silly to be excited about it?

  9. I am right on target!

    This weekend I will be shopping and doing a lot of cooking in preparation for working overtime next week. Failing to plan is planning to fail…and I am not going to fail!

  10. I'm on target myself. Incremental changes leading to better fitness and eating. :)

  11. Having my first restaurant meal since restarting South Beach three weeks ago. Got my meal already chosen from the online menu. Now to see what pants I can fit into:)

  12. I'm so far off track that I can't even see the track. I'll be having more bone grafting done this coming Wednesday and all I want to do this weekend is eat. Just crazy behavior and crazy thinking on my part. Glad all is well with you.

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