A Different Kind of Snow Day

We’re having an icy, snowy weekend here in Memphis, which doesn’t happen too often, so it’s a Very Big Deal. Traffic jams and crashes everywhere! And I’m not just talking about the streets–the grocery stores are almost as bad. I try to avoid them at all costs.

Unfortunately, I found myself in need of a non-food item this morning and while I would’ve preferred Target, the grocery store was closest and had what I needed. As expected, it was chaos. Carts crashing into each other, over-hyped children bouncing all over the place, desparate shoppers scrounging for bread–absolute bedlam! As I stood in the ultra-long self-check line, it was actually kind of fun to watch. (I’m sick that way.)

It was also interesting to observe what people bought in terms of “emergency” supplies. I understand the chili fixin’s, the canned soups and crackers, and the milk, bread, cereal, oatmeal, etc. But multiple bags of potato chips, cookies, candy, frozen french fries, frozen waffles, and stacks of frozen pizzas? I suspect lots of New Year’s Resolutions will be broken this weekend.

You can rest assured that three years ago, I would’ve been right in there with them! I stocked up on very little in the way of nutrition, but bunches of high-calorie, high-fat snacks. As you know, that’s all changed for me now. But looking around at the carts around me, I was feeling a little deprived. With the scarcity of snow days around here, there’s almost a festive air when we do. And festivities have snacks, right? :)

Well, yes they do, but there’s a difference between having a tasty snack on hand and indulging in an all-out food orgy. I knew I already had plenty of snacks at home: yogurt, almonds, sunflower seeds, all manner of fresh fruits, and a fridge full of chopped veggies. If I want cookies, there are some animal crackers in the pantry. Any salty snack desires can be handled with some air-popped popcorn. All my usual…stuff.

But I wanted something different, something out of the ordinary  for this very out-of-the-ordinary day. Had I not already been in the check-out line, I might have gone off in search an Asian Pear*, which is tasti-licious, but pricey, so not part of my normal routine. Or I might have gone over to the health food section for some spelt pretzels. I haven’t had those in a long time. But like I said, I knew I had good snacks at home, if I should want them, and there wasn’t really any point (not a good one anyway) in buying more.

And then I saw them–two treats guaranteed to brighten my weekend into something special:

Perfect! A little dose of bottled decadence, and something to occupy my hands if the over-snacking urge strikes.Ahhhh….blisssss!

Admit it, you’re jealous, aren’t you? :)

No? Well, what two items would you have bought in their place? (Keep in mind, you’re surrounded by crazed shoppers with snack-filled baskets when you make your choice.*G*)

Happy weekend to all! Be safe!

Oh, and as of this writing–no snow! :)

*If you’ve never had an Asian Pear, it’s kind of a cross between an apple and a pear, or that’s what it tastes like to me.

14 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Snow Day

  1. Isn't funny how we all equate festivities with food? Good for you for fighting the good fight for 3 years now!

    Thank you also for your comment–I know that without the dark times the bright sunny ones might not seem as such to us :)

  2. We do that here too. Two inches of snow and the stores are packed with anxious shoppers. I admit to a strong urge to buy milk when snow's in the forecast :)

    How's your beadboard turning out? My husband was flattered his handiwork is of use (I was the one who specified the ledge size. It's a girl thing, I guess.)

  3. Some friends of ours have an asian pear tree in their yard. Over the summer we had bags of them. Oh my goodness are they good. They threw Aidan for a loop though with the taste!

  4. I've been hearing a bit about the snow/ice in Memphis. I'm so glad I'm here in the nice summer weather. YOU try not to be too jealous. Hehe. 😉

  5. I've never understood the whole "Snow's coming! Gotta buy milk/bread/eggs!" Do people suddenly get hungry for French Toast when it snows?

    Two special items in a crazed shopping atmosphere? Definitely a magazine…probably a recipe/food kind…and a 3 Musketeer, perferably the mint kind.

  6. You know we get snow and ice in Iowa ALL THE TIME and people are still like that, they act like they are going to be snowed in for weeks instead of a few days!

    I like your purchase!! Mine may have included a redbox movie and some diet sunkist!! 😉

  7. I like watching the insanity too in places like that sometimes. I've noticed I've been watching what others buy at the store a lot more. I remember how I'd have all of the frozen pizzas, chips, cookies, Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies (I still miss those), etc. I often wonder if anyone thought that I had a problem back then. I'm sure that's a yes. 😉

    If I had to pick two things I'd pick a good magazine or book and probably some hummus. I've recently tried that stuff for the first time and it's yummy! :)

  8. The weather is crazy out there!!! Be safe!

    I have no idea what I would buy if only 2 items but I know they would be healthy! :-)

    No mags though as I have ones here at home I have not even read yet!

  9. I just found your blog off of Lynn's blog, and was so surprised when you said you are from Memphis. I am from the Memphis area too (Eads), and your blog is the first one I have read from my area!
    My hubby and I were in a Kroger on Thursday evening after our date night and we were shocked at the lack of people that night. We were guessing that maybe this time people were not believing the weather men. We both laughed and noted that maybe that meant it would happen this time! :)

  10. It is completely crazy what people buy before a storm! I'll never understand it – but like you – I would have been loading up my cart with junk in my former life too!

    Hope you had a safe weekend. We've just stayed home trying to stay out of the other driver's way!

  11. With the hurricanes here we get plenty of stock up and get ready practice! Funny how each year though, we always wait too long to get ready and face the same craziness you are. It get easier after the first one. :-)

  12. it always surprises me when i stop by the grocery store before a storm and everyone is stocking. i'm guessing maybe it's people with kids? i don't have kids so if i get stuck with a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter and the roads are too treacherous for going to the store, i'm only hurting myself! i am sure in your position i would have looked in those little fridges by the register until i found a moca loca or a frappucino, my vices of choice. and maybe a magazine. four months ago i would have said a candy bar, too. funny i never seem to want them anymore, though i still love my chocolate.
    be safe on those scary roads!

  13. Love Asian pears.

    I would have grabbed a magazine and a bar of dark chocolate.

    In my mind it doesn't snow in Memphis. I will have to readjust my thinking.

  14. It always grosses me out to think of buying food at Target. If it can last that long, it's not food any more, you know?
    BTW, I have been dreaming about visiting Memphis.

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