For Whom the Scale Tolls

A friend asked me yesterday why I still blog about weight loss, given that I’ve reached my goal range. She seemed surprised that I’d bother. Obviously, she doesn’t comrephend the dynamics of the fitness/weight loss blogging community.

As I mentioned the other day, online support and interaction has been (and still is) instrumental in keeping me on target. I can share my triumphs and my…well, let’s be polite and call them less-than-triumphant moments, knowing that someone will understand. Some will have lived it, while others may not have had that exact experience, but they’ll still “get it”. And even if they don’t, they’ll still offer a suggestion or helpful hint, or maybe just a few kind words.

The other side of the equation is what happens when I visit other blogs. Any struggles I’m experiencing (real or imagined) evaporate when Betty Blogger reports yet another plateau week, or Bobby Blogger (no relation) posts that he’s bored during his workout and requests suggestions for good MP3s for working out. Instead of heading for the pantry for more almonds, I read back through Betty’s blog, looking for any clues as to why she might be plateau-ing and then brainstorm possible solutions while I’m on the treadmill. I forward Bobby a list of my workout faves and then spend a few minutes scoping out more tunes for my auditory arsenal. Later, when Betty breaks her plateau or Bobby’s workout enthusiasm level picks up, I feel victorious (and relieved) right along with them. They succeeded, which meant I succeeded. One for all and all for one, etc. and amen.

What got me on this weird (even for me) little tangent was the sad experience of cleaning out my RSS feeds last night. So many people whose lives intersected with ours, and one day–poof! They just disappear from the blogosphere. No explanation, no farewell; they’re just gone. It leaves me wondering if their lives became too hectic to blog (most of us know what THAT feels like), or if they fell off the fitness wagon? Egads, maybe they were run over by the wagon! We just don’t know, and that leaves me sad and wondering.

I’m reminded of this quote from poet John Donne, which better describes my sentiments (and in fewer words):

Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee...

No doubt, he is getting quite the workout from turning in his grave over my abuse of his sentiment, but it fits my whacko thought train.

So, this is my round-about way of asking you to please stick around. We will celebrate during the good times and commiserate/pontificate through the not-so-good. If you don’t want to blog about your troubles, reach out another way (email, twitter DM, whatever it takes), or take a break if you need it. But please don’t let giving up and walking away be on your list of options!

As for me, I intend to be the oldest living fitness/weight loss blogger someday. I’ll be posting tips on how to use your walking stick with the treadmill or how to work in a few planks while on your bedpan. Okay, maybe not. :)

But I’ll still be here, and I hope you’ll be here, too!

Before I go, reminder to join in the fun and sign up for my version of the Progresso Soup Contest and Giveaway. Deadline is tonight (midnight US Central)!

22 thoughts on “For Whom the Scale Tolls

  1. I so agree. I keep trying to explain to my husband how amazing it is to be part of this online world of wonderful women (and men). And I love that we can have such empathy even though our personal experiences might be different and our lives might be different. I haven't been blogging long but I love it and imagine doing it for a very long time, and I hope I don't run out of things to say.

  2. Well, here's the deal, Cammy! I have already beaten you to the "world's oldest blogger" designation for now. When I kick it, in 30 or so years, you may THEN take over that title.

    I so agree with you on the blogger buddy system. As you know, I tried to give up, discouraged and disappointed, but had to come back. The people are just too nice, supportive and understanding to give up. So, even when I don't have anything really relevant to contribute to the blogosphere, I blather on anyway. I just like it here.

  3. i love the blogosphere! it gives me ideas, challenges me, inspires me, and comforts me.

    if you disappear i'm comin' looking for you missy!!


  4. Thank you for all the effort Cammy. Your constant encouragement has been a blessing.

    I love the support the blogging community gives each other. We're not alone on this journey.

  5. Cammy, I am glad that you are still blogging even though you have reached your weight loss goal. Your post always have some tip/information that I find useful on this ever winding journey that I call the pursuit of good health.

  6. I'm in it for the long haul too! :) It's amazing how much I look forward to posting about weight loss on my blog. It really keeps me going and enjoy reading blogs like yours, for suggestions and tips. I'm so glad you are in it for the long haul too!

  7. It's so great to have maintaining bloggers post because people get cowed with those awful statistics… which I suspect are off anyway. Most of us know someone who was fatter at one point and has kept some weight off. My "community" is here, people who try to eat right and move. The right group helps!

  8. I agree with the previous comment about how nice it is to see those of you who have reached your goals hanging in there, living the life & happy doing it.

    The journey is difficult, but we all know holding the scale in place one we get there won't exactly be a walk in the park…more like the mile walk to the park, loop around the park & mile walk back home. 😉

    Personally, I hate when I have to clean out my RSS & blogroll. It is so sad to see people you started to get to know just up & disappear.

    Have a great week!

  9. I am just beginning my journey. I find comfort to know that the online world has helped you and others in your own journeys. I will be coming to your blog for encouragement. I say I am on a journey, with no end. Once, I reach my weight goal, I will still need support maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Check out my blog barbgetsthealthy.blogspot

  10. I am exactly the same way. I still struggle even though I did meet my goal and it helps to read others posts, but sometimes it helps to just write as well, even if all Im writing is the same old thing. Im glad you still post!

  11. your post today made me think of auld lang syne. yes, it is kinda sad when people drop out of sight. hmmm. nostalgic now.

  12. Losing weight and maintaining it is a lifestyle change. Diets alone do not work. Making healthy lifestyle changes is the key to losing weight, keeping it off, having more energy and feeling good about yourself.

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  13. What a great post Cammy & I feel the same way. Once way back when, I let a fellow blogger know I was going to link to her blog due to a great post she had… the next day I posted it, she had closed down the site & disappeared & I could never find her again. It is all weird, isn't it. Yes, stick around!

    By the way, I am going to challenge you to that being the oldest one pushing people! :-)

    Seriously, if I decide to go, I am going to post about it!

  14. I hereby declare you the nicest blogger I know! You hit the proverbial nail on the head.

    OH, and I can't tell you how much it means to me personally that you keep coming back to my blog and encouraging me on – in the face of plateau after plateau. I think I just might be Betty Blogger!

  15. It is very generous of you to stick around and pay it forward. There is a lot to be said for people who give of their time without asking anything in return.

    BTW, I doubt you'll ever need a bedpan or cane!

  16. You either get it (blogging) or you don't. This community is so supportive and even though I have never met any of my blogging buddies in person, everyone feels like "old" friends.

    I started in 2006 (under the old blog/name …which I miss and hope to go back to one day) and tried to post daily until all that mess that started. But I always loved the new year and finding new bloggers just starting. Sadly it seems around Valentine's Day . . . poof – many quit blogging.

    It used to make me sad and until something happened to me unexpectly, I now understand that sometimes "life gets in the way" and a blogger might chose to not keep it up. It helps knowing that there are bloggers out there like you, willing to help and offer suggestions when another blogger hits a road block. So thank you very much for all your help over the last couple of years.

    Have a great weekend.

  17. Love that John Donne is getting a workout from turning over in his grave. I am sure he would be flattered to know that he was being quoted into the 21st century!

    BODA weight loss

  18. I sometimes feel as if I have nothing left to say, though I occasionally get inspired. My focus is changing, too, now that much of the weight is gone and the rest of my life needs to meet other challenges, some of which seem too personal or outlandish to blog about.

  19. That's great! I have "No Man is an Island," on my use in a column list. It's a wonderful poem by a great poet!

  20. I am also saddened by the loss of some of my "old friends". Sure, there are times when life gets hectic and I find that I need to step away from the computer for a while, but I always SAY so, just so that everyone knows that I'm still alive.

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