For Your Reading Pleasure…

If you find yourself wanting to nibble this weekend, take a few minutes to check out these little bits and pieces from here and there. They won’t tell you how to eliminate the nibble urge, but they may serve as enough of a distraction to get you through it!

The writers at Dumb Little Man were on a roll this week! Here are just a few of the articles I enjoyed:
7 Exercise and Fitness Beliefs You Need to Overcome
Five Simple Ways to Relax at Work When Stress Strikes
How to Reach Your Goals by Keeping a Journal
If You Had a Fresh Start, What Would You Do?
6 Ways to Start the New Year Doing Instead of Dreaming

You see what I love about DLM? They’re always offering some tidbit of information and/or inspiration that helps get me through the days. Funny, then, that I didn’t think to include them in my list of health & fitness online resources. HUGE oversight on my part. 

Alexandra Levit had a great article on zenhabits this week: 5 Great Ways to Conquer Self Doubt.

The folks at MakeUseOf earned my eternal devotion (like they didn’t already have it) by sending me to SpiceAdvice,  an online spice encyclopedia and usage guide. Perfect for my brothers and sisters of the non-cooking persuasion (united we stand!)

Also from MUO, 5 Websites That Will Make You Smile & Light Up Your Day

There. Nibble-itis gone? Nah, not for me either, but it was a nice distraction ,wasn’t it?

Feel free to share any inspiring, informational, interesting, or funny articles you read this week. I’ll check them out when I’m not cleaning.

Yep, that’s my Big Plan for this frigid winter weekend: house cleaning, primarily emptying (and finding a place to store) all items from the vanities of both bathrooms. Oh, and at some point, I have to venture out to Lowe’s and purchase all the fixtures, because the tile guys and plumber will be here on Monday a.m. to start the process. Yaaay! I’m only 6 months (or three years, depending on which calendar you use) behind schedule.

I’m also experimenting with a “Leftover Soup”, which involves combining my last container of Taco Soup, with my leftover Progresso Southwest Vegetable Soup, some leftover green chilies, one tired looking tomato, and anything else I find around here that is starting to look suspicious. I may have to consult the SpiceAdvice people before it’s over. I just hope I don’t have to consult a physician. :)

That’s it for me! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are, and that the nibble gremlins stay in the shadows!

0 thoughts on “For Your Reading Pleasure…

  1. Great post! Lots of info to look over. I love reading random tidbits.

    I think your soup will turn out great…I would add some cumin, chili powder and garlic.

    Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog Cammy!!! You rock!

  2. Cammy, so much to read now! I had my weekend filled with other to do projects & now this! :-)


  3. Sounds like a delightful and productive weekend. Thanks for your wise advice on my blog, you always have something helpful and comforting to say :)

  4. cammy, thanks for the links! i have this week off so will have plenty of time to peruse them :)

  5. Aweome list of links! That is going to take me a while to get through, lol.
    This was a rough weekend fo rme trying no to munch for several weekends. At least it is over.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)