Guilty Pleasures

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Those things you feel you probably shouldn’t enjoy quite as much as you do, either because they’re not necessarily the healthiest choice or financially wise?

I have lots of guilty pleasures–some food related, some not. Here’s a sampling:
– Sugar free Jello Pudding (Yogurt is healthier, but face it: it’s not Jello pudding)
– Sugar-free Fudgesicles (These frosty treasures helped get me through my first summer of eating less and the subsequent Little Debbie withdrawal pangs.)
Blue Diamond Pecan Nut Thins (These are a new pleasure and are a tasty-but-not-nutrition-wrecking stand-in  for my once-beloved Ritz Crackers. These are made with rice flour and are gluten free. I wish they were calorie free and grew on a tree in my backyard.)
– Daydreaming/Taking time out of a busy day to just sit and let my thoughts wander where they will. (Some time spent in this pursuit is quite healthy.  It’s possible that, on occasion, I mightmaybecouldbe spending too much dreaming.)
– Spending several hours in a bookstore, preferably one with a café. 
– Having a pastry or cookie from aforementioned bookstore café.
– Having a manicure/pedicure. (If it’s followed by a trip to the bookstore, that’s even more pleasurable.)
– Reading blogs instead of doing things on my to-do list.

Before I began adopting healthier eating habits and focusing on living life more richly, I don’t think I ever considered this notion of guilty pleasures. I simply did what I wanted, when and where I wanted. While that may lead to a satisfied life, there’s not a lot of joy in it.

Now that I’m more aware of my actions, I do recognize these guilty pleasures when they occur and take a moment to experience the joy in them and to be grateful. And sometimes, to caution myself against getting too accustomed to doing them! Life needs variety and a little bit of spice to keep it interesting, but too much of a good thing…well, it’s just not healthy.

If you’re wondering why I’m on this topic, I’m sorry to report that I have no answer. It’s just what’s on my mind, for some reason.

And I really am curious as to your guilty pleasures. Are they recently uncovered pleasures, or things you have long enjoyed?  C’mon, dish! :)

0 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Where do Ruffles fall on this guilty pleasure scale?

    I, too, love a bookstore. The cafe does make it lovely, but just an easy chair and the smell of new books makes me swoon.

  2. Hey Cammy,
    Unfortunately, I am not yet good at moderation, so I am guilty most of the time, overindulging in pleasures that should be less often, then they'd even be MORE pleasurable! So, where's LUSH on the list? Are ya over it? You did introduce me to Lush and PB2 and they are both GOOOOOODNESS..Lush is a bit of an addiction now, $$$. Other guilty pleasures,
    staying in bed just a little longer, reading blogs, twitter, etsy,THE Wiiiiiii!, making a great playlist, buying goodies @ Lush..For me, I need to find a balance though. Like you said above, just not healthy, otherwise. Happy New Year to you.Sounds like you are continuing to be a super star! Thanks for tweeting your post, as it motivated me to come by and maybe, just maybe…help me get my head in the game.. Looking fwd to hearing peoples guilty pleasures. (I didn't even go the food route b/c I have only been guilty am am not pleased!) Will have to check out the Pecan Nut Thins!

  3. Hmm…watching TV is my only one. I resolved to give it up but I still occasionally watch the news.

  4. i love nut thins! i can really go through them, though :(

    guilty pleasures, hmmmm. brownies. long hot baths. i'm with you on the mani/pedi's. me-time, also known as "liz-time." reading blogs. reading books. rich and creamy moisturizers. beeswax sandalwood soap. did i mention brownies? :)

  5. oopsy, those comments were from me, liz at imsheddingthefatsuit. i was experimenting with signing comments with my google account but had issues :)

  6. I think my guilty pleasure is watching a tv show (The Zoe Project, Real Housewives of New Jersey).

    I went from drinking a Starbucks everyday (Old life)to never going to Starbucks. So I allow myself a little cream in the coffee everyday. The cost is $3.78 and lasts two weeks and ends up costing $0.27 cents a day. Seems extravagant but it's not.

  7. My guilty pleasures:

    Taking a "mental health day" from work, staying home, snuggling up on the couch, and watching trashy TV/movies all day long.

    Eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

    Reading trashy novels instead of good literature.

  8. Food Guilty Pleasures: ranch dressing and potatoe chips.

    Non-food guilty pleasures: spending all day doing nothing but watching movies and looking at stupid celeb magazines.

    So bad but so good :)

  9. I'm very eager to try those pecan thins although I haven't noticed them in stores here but the Blue Diamond headquarters is about a mile from my office. I think a lunchtime walk is in order. My guilty pleasures are watching a baseball game while soaking up the sun, music, nail polish (if applied via a mani/pedi so much the better … but I have quite the stash "just because"). :)

  10. sitting at Starbucks with a friend (or two) sipping coffee and talking the morning away is one of my favorite guilty pleasures but then you already know that.

    Another is pouring through vintage thrift shops looking for broken things I can repurpose and then completing the task of reinventing the item.

    As for food guilty pleasures it would have to be putting real half and half in my coffee instead of skim milk but I only do that on Sunday.

  11. You nailed my guilty pleasure with the bookstore and cafe. Living in the sticks as I do, I don't have easy access to bookstores (Amazon is my friend). So, whenever we go to the Big Smoke, I try to find a way to be dropped off so that I can 'do' a bookstore. And, I think the only way to truly do a bookstore properly is by yourself.

    Another guilty pleasure is declaring a 'jaja' day. Getting up, taking a shower and then putting on a clean pair of pajamas and staying in them all day.

  12. Funny I blank out at "guilty pleasures." Either i am pro-pleasure (now without guilt!) or I am so ashamed of my vices I am blanking.

    I can think of a couple: fresh new, overpriced, totally unneeded decorating books, and Raisin Bran with cream.

  13. In no particular order:

    Starbucks, Tim Horton's, peanut butter, beer, doritos, reality tv!! LOL

    All in moderation of course 😉

  14. Loved this post! I have too many.. cookies, flavored coffe but that is not too guilty, TV shows I love to watch, bread, sitting & people watching.

    I daydream about ones I want to add too! :-)

  15. Cocoa is mine. Yes it is sugar free, and natural, but I drink it just about every night. It gets me my chocolate fix and keeps me warm since I am cheap and dont turn my heat up. I know I shouldnt have it every night, but I cant help it!

  16. Yea I can understand the bookstore/cafe one. I'm such a sucker for a huge bookstore with a coffee shop. I could get lost for hours and hours. :)

  17. Accessories are a big girl's best friend because they always fit. My guilty pleasure used to be handbags, but lately it's been sunglasses.

  18. My guilty pleasures are; Facebook and "Glee". I am finding I am replacing facebook more and more with reading blogs, though. Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I really appreciate your support!

  19. I love Barnes and Noble (I even pay the $25 a year membership) and Borders.

    My favorite treat right now is Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle ice cream! So good!

  20. My guilty pleasures are anything that distracts me from doing what I should be doing because I feel well, guilty! :) But seriously, I watch the bachelor…nuff said. it's like a train wreck and I can't look away!

  21. Ah, guilty pleasures. I'm so glad you asked! Taking a nap when I have so many other things to do comes to mind. And of course there are those soft, yummy pumpkin cookies from the bakery a block from my house…

  22. Spending hours in a bookstore is something you should NEVER feel guilty about! (Unless it's a porn shop!) How many people do you know that never set foot in a good bookstore? Do you REALLY want to be like them?????? 😉

    For mine I would say Dove Dark Chocolate, but since it's a MUFA and required for every meal, no need to feel guilty. LOL

    My daughter and I do love to watch silly shows like "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Bridezillas." Time could definitely be spent on more edifying and enriching activities!

  23. Daydreaming is one of mine too, Blog Reading and Stumbling (using StumbleUpon) are also fun. I also loooove a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows!

    I so want to try the Pecan Nut Thins, yum!