Happiness Is…

I’m notoriously pathetic with the blog memes that are passed around. Seriously awful at it. I kept a list and intended to catch up, but the list got buried (I’m sure it’s here somewhere, though, as I haven’t thrown away a piece of paper in eons.)  It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, that’s for certain.

This week,Kimberly, Bella, and Lisa were kind enough to tag me with the Happiness 101 meme (thank you all very much, and if I missed anyone, I’m so very sorry!), in which we list 10 things that make us happy. They must have been reading my mind, because I’d been planning to do a Favorite Things post, anyway! (I love when that happens.)

So here’s my list, in no particular order, and I did focus on things, not people.
1. Abundant Sunshine
2. My Netflix subscription
3. A long walk
4. My Sharpie collection
5. Books!
6. The Internet
7. My bicycle
8. The color red
9. Road trips
10. Chocolate! (You didn’t think I would leave that off, did you?)

And those are a few things that make me happy. Blogs, and the people who write them, that make me happy are in a whole separate list.

Speaking of chocolate and blogs that make me happy, I’ve recently fallen into the evil clutches of Chocolate Covered Katie.  If you’re interested in healthy eating, chocolate, and easy recipes, this is a blog you definitely want to check out. Today I made her Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Babies, and I cannot express to you the AWESOMENESS of this treat. I think she should call them ‘jewels’ instead of babies, because that’s what they looked like to me: little chocolate-y jewels, all for me.

Please pardon the blurry photo. I was in the early stages of withdrawal at the time I took it.

You can check out the link above for the exact recipe, but it’s basically dates, nuts, chocolate chips, and vanilla.  I actually forgot the vanilla in mine, which made them tough to form into little jewels, but they firmed up in the fridge, where I had to hide them from myself.

I will be having these weekly as a healthy treat!

I had already planned to blog about this new discovery when I learned that Katie is having a giveaway on her blog. One of the requirements to enter is that you mention it your blog. Oh, the dilemma that presents!

You see, she’s giving away…a Vitamix 5200!!  Y’all know I’ve been drooling over that thing forever!  I even have dreams sometimes in which I have one on my (soon-to-be) new kitchen counter, and I wake up all feverish and sweaty…and sad because it was just a dream.  I had started a savings fund for one, but I used it to help fund my western excursion last fall.

So you can see why I’m hesitant to tell you all about the giveaway. I know that you’re all going to go rushing over there to enter the contest, thus diluting my chances of winning it. That hardly seems fair.  Maybe if you tell her I sent you, I’ll get double bonus entries or something! Yeah, that’s it!

And if you don’t tell her I sent you AND you win, you must promise to send me some chocolate something you make in it. :)

Wait a minute. I’m doing this wrong. Considering how much I yammer about thinking positively, I should look at this differently:

Things That Make Me Happy, cont.

11. The Vitamix 5200 I’m going to win.

There. It is written.

But you should feel free to go ahead and enter if you’ve just got the time to spare. (And seriously, check out the recipes–lots of wholesome goodness there!)

That’s it for me today! I’m off to toss my old shabby food processor in the trash and get the cabinet space cleared for my new treasure! :)

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! It’s rainy here, but that’s okay. It’s a pleasant sounding rain. (Oooh, make #12 on my list–a pleasant rainfall. )

0 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. Aww you are such a sweetheart!!
    (Not to mention the first person to get the six extra entries!)

    Lots of love,

  2. Love your fav things!!! Like you said to me, some of them seemed just like you & a couple surprised me too!

    Yummy on those treats!

  3. Thank you, Cammy, for the birthday wishes. You're very sweet and I'm so glad to "know" you.

    Love your list of fav things. It's almost identical to what my list would be.

    Hope you win the Vitamix!

  4. Umm… I'd never even heard of one of those Vitamix's before until this post and I totally want one!!! 😉

  5. It's unfortunate that chocolate is at the bottom of the list. But,now, this Sharpie collection intrigues me, almost as much as those chocolate jewels.

  6. Oh, those yummy treats sound AWESOME! I've copied the recipes and am going to get the ingredients. I LOVE Larabars and those sound just like them. But creating my own wounds like too much fun! Of course, I will be using Dove dark chocolate in mine.

    Hope you win the Vitamix!
    Path to Health

  7. LOL I love number 11 too! I want that Vitamix though, I might come over and steal it!