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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

You know, even after two years of rambling around the weight loss/maintenance and fitness blogosphere, I’m constantly discovering new, or new-to-me, bloggers. Just when I think I’ve been everywhere, I spot a comment from or a link to a blog I haven’t seen before! Each has its own distinct flavor or flair, and I’m always learning something new–I love it!

It occurred to me last week that to the the folks just starting their quest for better health and fitness, the breadth and depth of our little corner of the internet might seem a bit daunting. How do we find our tribe-within-the-tribe, those bloggers who are on a similar course to our own? Which people farther down this path will inspire us and motivate us to keep on going? Who might feed us with lots of delicious, healthy recipes? Or keep us up to date with all the latest health and fitness happenings? Who makes us laugh and feel a little less like we’re on this road alone?  The possibilities are so far-reaching that it can boggle the mind.

Enter: the Tippy Toe Shortcut. This is the first post of a new series I’m calling “Look Who’s Talking.” For each post, I’ll ask a cross section of bloggers the same question and report their responses here. Then the rest of us have our turn to share!  Given the diversity of blogs and bloggers out there, the results should be verr-r-r-y interesting! I think so, anyway.

HUGEHUGE thanks to this awesome group of bloggers, who so graciously agreed to go first. I asked them:

What is your favorite exercise or form of exercise? And your least favorite?

Lynn, who blogs at Actual Scale, will someday join those of us in the 100-pounds lost club. She’s already halfway there! Lynn says:

I think my favorite types of exercise are the ones that do not feel like exercise. For instance, I absolutely love my weighted hula hoop, boxing with the Wii, doing a kid’s yoga dvd with my 6 year old and my belly dancing dvd. They may not be hard core workouts, but they are the ones I look forward to doing. They are the ones I will never skip because, “I don’t feel like it”…which is what happens with my cardio sometimes.

Least favorite exercise? Hands down it is cardio. Give me weights any day intead of spending 30-60 minutes sweating my butt off, jumping, bending, jogging, kicking, etc…I would rather do a gazillion squats than walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes. I don’t mind the recumbent bike, and actually like walking (but only outside & I live in a 4 Season area) but I dread doing them. For some reason I have convinced myself that it is easier to work in 20 minutes of strength versus 20 minutes of cardio. Yep, I’m mental that way.

Thank you, Lynn! We’re all mental about something! :) Mine is running. And thank you for continuing to inspire me to master the hula hoop. Someday…

Rebeca at All Vegged Out is a blogger with irons in many fires. Fortunately for us, one of those fires is sharing awesome (and awesomely nutritious!) recipes and meal ideas. Rebeca’s favorite form of exercise is yoga, about which she said:

I know that there are a lot of people who shy away from yoga because they claim that they are not flexible but I would have claimed the same thing a few years ago.  I love how it stretches my body and really opens me up.  While I don’t subscribe to some of spiritual aspects of yoga there is no denying that its practice makes you more in tune with your body.  For me, this deep connection that I feel afterward gives me such a sense of calm and centers me in a way that nothing else ever has.  I also think that it makes you a lot stronger than you realize as you go deeper into your practice you find all sorts of defined muscles just from your own body resistance that leads to toning.

Least Favorite: Strength Training with Dumbbells. I’ll admit that I’m a little lazy at times.  Which makes the dumbbells and I a lethal combination.  Instead of grabbing a heavy set, I’ll grab the smallest ones and then fake my way through the reps. Then I end up bored and quit a couple of minutes in.  I really like machines though and like to compete with myself on them, but if I’m alone at home with the dumbbells then they’re probably gaining dust while I gain weight!

Thanks, Rebeca! I’m s-l-o-w-l-y building a yoga practice, and it does work the muscles in a different–yet wonderful–way.

Andrew of the aptly-titled blog, Andrew is getting fit has moved from the world of morbid obesity to one that includes multiple marathons. His passion for running is evident in each of his posts, so I knew that was his favorite. I just didn’t know why. Here’s what Andrew said:

I find running gives me some “me” time where I can ponder the mysteries of the universe, listen to my favourite podcasts or just zone out.  It’s also quite helpful with the weightloss efforts!

Least favorite? This is tricky as there is not one I particularly despise as such.  Although if I think about the gym I always avoid the stepper as it just seems a bit too much like hard work!

Thank you, Andrew! I’ve been following you for some time now, and your commitment to and enjoyment of your program inspire me every day. Plus, I’ve learned a lot about New Zealand. :)

Sahar blogs at FatFighterTV, and her blog is packed with health news, recipe makeovers, videos, and inspiring stories. I have Sahar to thank for the snazzy Weight Loss Woo-hoo button in my sidebar. About exercise, Sahar has THREE favorites:

Pilates, hiking, and group classes. I love Pilates because of the great strengthening and toning effects it has on my core. I adore hiking in the mountains because I get a such a great workout while I am enjoying all the beauty in nature. And I often get hooked on aerobics classes because the music makes it so fun that I forget I am exercising.

My  least favorite is cardio on the treadmill – I get very bored and feel like I am spinning when I get off the treadmill!

Thank you, Sahar! I’m an outdoor-exerciser , too! I keep saying I’m going to join a local hiking group, but so far no doing. That needs to change–NOW.

Tiff has been blogging at Project 365 for a little over a month now. Her spirit and enthusiasm shine in her posts and are a definite bright spot in my day!  About exercise, Tiff said:

I really enjoy walking at this point. It’s low impact and can be done almost anywhere- on my lunch break, at a park, even indoors (thx to the lovely Leslie Sansone!). It’s also great because you can go with a friend and chat which helps the time to go by faster; it’s an exercise that almost anyone can do!

Least favorite? PILATES…my body was SO not made to do any of those things! :)

Thanks, Tiff! I share your enthusiasm for walking, but I still haven’t tried the Leslie Sansone DVDs. (I must fix that.)

And that’s what this group of bloggers had to say about exercise! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about what makes them tick, and I appreciated the reminders of things I want to do, or re-do, in some cases.

As for me, my favorite form of exercise is anything that gets me outdoors. Whether it’s walking or riding my bike, there’s something about being outside in the fresh air that gets me going–physically and mentally! (I do love the afterglow of a good strength training session, though.)  My least favorite exer
cise is the pull-up, because it demoralizes me. :)

And now it’s YOUR turn. Favorite? Least favorite? We wanna know!

Thanks again to Andrew, Lynn, Rebeca, Sahar, and Tiff for your time and graciousness in sharing your answers with us!

And to everyone else, be warned that I’ll likely be coming to you someday with some other burning question! :)

0 thoughts on “Look Who's Talking: Exercise

  1. I love this, it will be fun series. As for me, exercises I love. Well, I have a love/hate relationshipe with the treadmill and running. I hate the thought of doing it, but love the feeling after. I can say, I hate jumping jacks.

  2. I think it will be very interesting reading different answers to the same questions :)
    I love yoga, weights, and walks in the woods.
    Not so fond of the elliptical and the treadmill!

  3. Thanks for including me Cammy!
    I love your idea for this series because there *are* just so many wonderful people out there that I haven't yet discovered in the past 7-8 months I've been blogging.

    Best wishes,

  4. This is such a good idea and a great way to get to know a little about other bloggers.

    My favorite form of exercise is strength training. I like how quickly you can see both visible results as well as gains in strength.

  5. Awesome idea – I'll check this each time you do it. It's great to get varying ideas, suggestions, and feedback!

  6. Cool series! Funny how the favorites of some are the least favorite of others LOL!

    My very favorite thing is biking. Least favorite is yoga.

  7. This is a great idea! It's nice to hear so many different perspectives.

    My favourite exercise is walking. I looooooove it passionately. And any kind of core workout.

  8. I loved reading these! And thanks for including me. :) Oh… I forgot to mention something I hate hate hate – the BURPEE! Not sure how I forgot to include that one.

  9. My new favorite is my newly found mad dancing skills!! I'm only two days into this new form of exercise, but with the weights, doing "The Monkey, The Swim", and all the other oldies have made exercise much more tolerable. A little weight work and a little cardio. "Fun, Fun, Fun 'til my daddy takes my cable TV away".

  10. I love Tiff's blog too :)

    My favorite has become weights. I hated weight training the first month because I felt like I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I still don't know, but I feel like I'm doing better. I really enjoy working my arms and shoulders. Cardio is okay, actually it's getting better, now that I have more stamina.

    I can't wait until the weather gets nice so I can do outdoor things too.

  11. Great idea for a new feature!!

    In terms of "formal" exercise, I am really digging pilates because it gives me a good workout without being exhausting. On the other end of the spectrum, I can only think of weight training with dread. :-) But like you, I also love getting outside. Anything that helps me confuse exercise with actual fun is all right with me!

  12. Cammy, just loved this!!! You know you do not have to ask me what my fav workout activity is…. as if you could not guess… WEIGHTS!

  13. My very favorite thing to do is speed walk and my very least favorite is weights! (Sorry Jody!)

  14. Very good idea.

    My favorite work-out activity? I'm not sure. I weight and run right now and I like them both.

    I came over from actual scale.

  15. what an awesome idea for a posting series!

    i like running the best of any exercise. i'm so excited that i'm improving my fitness enough that i can do a little running again. my second favorite exercise is yoga classes, the ones that focus a little more on flexibility and less on repeating asanas quickly.

    my least favorite exercise is dance classes (excluding belly dancing) because i have two left feet and no rhythm!

  16. Great post. Very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing links to other blogs out there.

  17. New to your blog (woo hoo!! love it!) and I'm so excited to check out some of these blogs that are new to me as well.
    My favorite is running and pushups. Running is my "me" time and I feel so accomplished afterward. Pushups leave me feeling all strong and I want some Michelle Obama arms!!

    Least favorite is walking on a treadmill. LOVE walking outside, HATE the treadmill.

  18. I think all of us have something that is our least favorite thing to do within or exercise routine. I have found that concentrating more when I enjoy something less gives me a better benefit and makes me mentally stronger.

  19. Favorite would definitely have to be kickboxing. I love the punching, the kicking, the non-stop pushups (well, maybe not that part so much). Kickboxing just makes me feel bad-ass.

    Least favorite: hmm…don't really have one. I don't mind trying new things but I can't think of any exercise I really dislike.

  20. Thanks for including me… Man, it's so true that there's no *right* kind of exercise :)

  21. Wow! Fabulousvlist- thank you for sharing!

    Least favorite : step class
    most favorite: body combat class


  22. I'm a newbie to your blog, I'm really enjoying it!

    I actually love the treadmill, along with Zumba classes and pilates. I can't stand running though.

  23. I prefer outdoor activities (biking, walking, etc.) over working out in the gym. It's nice to be able to see things and relax while you're exercising.