The Ones Left Behind (and a Giveaway opp)

I have that super savvy Sagan to thank for this topic. You’re probably aware that Sagan is in the middle of a month-long raw food challenge. In her post today, Sagan revealed the non-raw foods at the top of her list at the end of this challenge. 

Now, I’ve never done a raw food challenge and am not likely to attempt one in this lifetime, but Sagan’s post made me realize that I have a similar parallel in the conversion to healthier eating three years ago.

Most of you probably know that I didn’t lose my weight by following a specific eating plan. I kind of made mine up as I went along, starting simply by developing a habit of eating 5-7 fruit and veggie servings per day, then focusing on lean meats, and then whole grains, and so on. I also allowed one splurge item each week (a serving of non-whole wheat bread OR a slice of pizza OR some other deviation from the norm that left me within my calorie count for that day.) If I followed that plan, I  promised myself ONE monthly splurge meal.

This plan worked for me (still does!), and I actually had a lot of fun with it. As thoughts of foods that hadn’t made the cut came to mind, I could evaluate them for potential splurge meals and determine if they were “splurge-worthy.” (Seinfeld fans will recognize the appropriation.) At one point, I had six months worth of meals set in my mind. After that, I think the new healthier way of eating had taken hold and I didn’t think about many of those foods anymore. Not very often, anyway. Reading Sagan’s post today, I realized that there are many foods I simply walked away from three years ago.

Here’s a random sampling of foods I used to eat regularly but apparently have left behind:

Hostess cupcakes (chocolate or orange)
Little Debbie snack cakes
Rotel cheese dip
Ritz crackers
Peanut butter pie
Multiple slices of pizza with extra cheese
Tater tots
Pizza Rolls (the commercial kind. I do make some at home using wonton wrappers. Thanks, Roni.)
Regular potato chips
Honey-roasted peanuts

Those are just a few, and there are many other foods that I’ve had very, very sparingly over the past 3 years: french fries (4-5x), pancakes (2x), fried catfish (2x, both times as monthly splurge meals), fried chicken (once), and biscuits (4-5x, always when traveling for some reason).

Everything else I’ve managed to work into the plan, even if in very limited portions. :)

Foods I’ve significantly added in include dates, black beans, broccoli, green peppers, spinach (but still only in green smoothies), PB2, hummus, olive oil, pure pumpkin, yogurt, and soy milk. Oh, and air-popped popcorn. ‘Cause this girl does love to snack! :)

I’m curious what foods other people have “left behind” in their quest for healthier eating. What foods do you now eat regularly that you rarely, or never ate before?

And speaking of snacking (and I was earlier), the kind folks at Special K have offered one lucky US-reader a Special K Resolution Party Pack, including their new  Special K Fruit Crisps, some cereal, a protein bar, an assortment of protein drinks, and some granola cereal.

Special K also provided me with one for taste testing, and I’ve sampled a couple of items. I opted for the protein bar one day when the tile guys were “finishing up soon” and my lunch was overdue. Another day, I tried one of the fruit crisps. I found both of them to be quite tasty and satisfying for their immediate purpose. I’ll be trying the other products in little servings here and there, due to the ingredients lists, which include sugar and other things that are no longer part of my every day (or every week) repertoire.

If you live in the U.S., and you’d like a chance to win your own Special K Party Pack and make your own informed observation, or if you’ve tried the products and would love to get your hands on more, just let me know in the comments! I’ll draw the lucky winner’s name on Thursday morning, 6 a.m.-ish US Central.

25 thoughts on “The Ones Left Behind (and a Giveaway opp)

  1. I don't think I have anything that I don't eat anymore, but similar to you, I have things that I eat infrequently, such as fish and chips, cake, fried chicken, candy. There's a bunch of stuff that I no longer like, due to tastes changing, such as Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, donuts, things that are too sweet. I eat more beans and veggies, yogurt, grains.

  2. Well….I'm just starting my journey but so far I have been able to stay away from French fries, Potatoe chips and candy. I am definitly eating more veggies!

    I would love to win the Special K give away!

  3. I would love to win Cammy!! Count me in!!

    I LOVED peanut butter and jelly…in HUGE portions, chocolate chips and peanut butter, ice cream by the pints, and the list could go on and on!! But those were part of the old Darci!!

  4. oooh i forgot about the orange hostess cupcakes! yep, those are in the past. as are real bacon, fried chicken strips made at home (oh schwan truck, how i am sorry we parted ways. and yet i'm not…) and real cream in my coffee. oddly, the only time i remember having those things were the six or seven years i maintained a healthy weight. i just exercised alot and allowed for them in my daily plan. i guess that speaks to all things in moderation. maybe when i'm 'back' i can add something like that in occasionally if i plan for it.

    i'm always adding new foods in. i like to try new veggies (parsnip is a recent veggie-experiment and i love it). i rely pretty heavily on baked chicken breasts these days, too. that said, i need to go check the oven!

  5. I do not eat potato chips or cheddar snacks (e.g. goldfish) anymore.
    I would love to win the Special K prize!! thanks!

  6. I'm a label reader now so it's more the ingredients that I avoid. Like HFCS, which is quite prevalent in Special K stuff that I've looked at, so I don't need to be in the drawing. 😉

    And now I'm avoiding gluten, dairy and corn. So there's a long list of stuff I'm leaving behind. sigh

    The things I've added in are the healthy MUFAs. Dark chocolate, nuts, olive oil and avocado.
    Path to Health

  7. I am intrigued by "Peanut butter pie". Never heard of it before but it sounds fantastic.

  8. I love the Special K products… and I use them pretty often, from cereals to the protein bars to the protein water….

    as for the stuff I left behind, it's ironic because I just posted this yesterday!

  9. Oh Cammy–i wanna make a list like that one day!!!! Ughhh.I think I have consumed all the stuff you gave up (in the past week!).Well, one day lady, I will write a list like that. I haven't left much behind, at the moment, but I have added PB2(ty cammy), more water and protien shakes. It's a start..hahahahaha. I must thank you for the incredible welcome back you gave me. I am undeserving, as I am the slackerest of them all..but I will take it and I'm touched that you even remember me, Little Miss Slacker , and all. You are a constant source of motivation, inspiration and information..and I really need to get over here more often. Thanks for the amazing welcome. It really helped my transition/re-entry back into the blogosphere SOOOOO much and it made my day as well. Now, it's time for action, huh! Have a great one Cammy..and thank you!((hugs))

  10. I'm not there yet, but I'm on the path. I will say that like you I've added spinach to smoothies! :)

  11. I tried to leave behind some foods, does that count? Cheetos are my biggest stumbling block to success. Don't know what it is about orange fingers that delights me so. :)

    I have always loved fruits and veggies, so I've not really added them to my diet, I've just changed the way I prepare them….less sauce, and no frying.

    For a while, I added the 100 cal. packs of "treats" but had to give them up. One pack didn't seem to satisfy what I was craving, but then after 3 of them, I was mad at myself. Better to just leave them on the grocer's shelf.

    My afternoon snack is often a Special K bar. I'd love to try some of the other stuff.

  12. I basically got rid of a lot of the same things. A big one for me to get rid of was frozen meals. Lean cuisines, WW entrees. Those things. I thought I was doing good by eating them, but I wasn't.

    I have discovered (or let back in) nuts, dates, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, steel cut oats, greek yogurt, agave.

  13. First off- I'd love to win.

    The #1 Food I used to eat all of the time that I don't touch anymore: Fries and Chips.

    The food I never ate but eat now: Hummus.

    Your blog is the best :)

  14. Glad I could be of help :)

    "At one point, I had six months worth of meals set in my mind. After that, I think the new healthier way of eating had taken hold and I didn't think about many of those foods anymore. Not very often, anyway." For the first two weeks of the raw food challenge, I would tell my boyfriend every day what food we *had* to make once the challenge is over. It got pretty ridiculous very fast, hehe.

    I gave up soft drinks, movie theatre popcorn, commercial chocolate bars, and slurpees when I got healthy… I don't miss any of them, either. Now I like making my own chocolate in brownie-form (tehe) and filling up on the PB2 and air popped popcorn. Tasty happy!

  15. The bread basket at a restaurant. Took me years, but I can push it away every time now.

    Please consider me for the Special K drawing. Thanks!

  16. I've cut out a lot of foods from my world – many of which you listed! In fact, my hubby and I were just talking about Little Debbie swiss cake rolls the other day and how we used to buy boxes of them at a time. So bad for us!

    I'd love to try the Special K!

  17. Cammy, I love that you made your own plan that works for you. That is what I did too BUT I did start the wrong way by just eating way too little. I have it right now or for me. :-)

    You don't have space for all I caught from when I was a kid eating way too much junk. Sweets, that was my downfall & every kind of them although I ate lots of chips & crackers too. I used to love those cheese-its & wheat thins.. by the box full! But those sweets were the things I really loved.

    Now, I have added in so many great things!!!

    No need to enter me in the contest.

  18. Ya know, now that I think about it, I don't think I've really eminated any foods from my diet. Just today I had some Starbursts but they tasted too sugary to be real enjoyable. However, these last 50 pounds may require a little more self-control on the food front.

  19. You've only had french fries 4-5x?!?!?! What? Wow.

    I don't really know of anything I've left behind. I mean I always liked healthy food, I just ate too much of it (and WAY too much desserts). Now I just *try* to limit the amounts and I'm happy with that (for now).

  20. You've only had french fries 4-5x?!?!?! What? Wow.

    I don't really know of anything I've left behind. I mean I always liked healthy food, I just ate too much of it (and WAY too much desserts). Now I just *try* to limit the amounts and I'm happy with that (for now).

  21. You've only had french fries 4-5x?!?!?! What? Wow.

    I don't really know of anything I've left behind. I mean I always liked healthy food, I just ate too much of it (and WAY too much desserts). Now I just *try* to limit the amounts and I'm happy with that (for now).

  22. how could i have forgotten doritoes? my love of doritoes is known far and wide. but they are a trigger food for me, a step down the slippery slope of slacking. even when i buy the little packages. so i have not had doritoes since i started ww in mid november.

  23. Grean beans is the one food I have come to love since changing to a healthy diet. Donuts is the one food I left behind and don't miss them. There are a lot of other but I can't think that hard today.

  24. What I left behind: hydrogenated anything, High fructose corn syrup, ranch dressing (contains MSG), soy milk, bisquick, pop-n-fresh dough, fake cheeses.

    Very Limited: vodka, tequila, white pasta, pizza.

    But I still eat chocolate!

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