Product Review, Contest, & Giveaway: Progresso Soup!

(Disclosure: This is a solicited, but unpaid review/announcement. Progresso provided an evaluation “gift pack”, which included lots of soup, a mug, and a digital jump rope. Information provided by Progresso is shown in quotes; anything else is my opinion or random observation. Progresso is also providing a gift pack for the giveaway.) 
Lots to cover here, but we’ll manage it in this order: The Soup, The Contest, and then the Giveaway. Yes, that should do nicely.
The Soup: 
Let’s start with Progresso’s claims: “With surprisingly hearty ingredients like pasta, beans, corn and rice, and flavor-packed vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and peppers, Progresso Light and 100 Calorie Soups offer varieties with a good source of fiber and a full serving of vegetables. Satisfying your taste buds, Progresso Light and 100 Calories Soups can help curb your hunger, making it easier for you to stick to your weight management plan.”
My experience? Today I sampled the Zesty Southwestern Vegetable (60 calories per cup!) and my taste buds were intrigued, but not satisfied. I stirred in a dash of taco seasoning and that little problem was resolved. Deliciously resolved. So many canned soups are waaaay too salty, but this one wasn’t. Maybe it’s the absence of MSG? I dunno.  Anyway, this is a broth-y soup, which makes it perfect for a tasty pre-dinner snack. While it’s not exactly a “health food”, it was definitely healthier than the jar of honey-roasted peanuts I had my eye on.

I could happily continue eating this soup as a snack or as a savory sidekick to a nice, healthy sandwich, but I’m thinking of promoting the remainder of this can to main-course status by adding some shredded chicken, peppers, and tomatoes. (Am I a genius or what?) I hadn’t expected the duality of the product, so that’s a nice little bonus.
There are many varieites of lighter Progresso Soups, but next up on my schedule is Chicken and Wild Rice. Or maybe the Italian Vegetable. Choices, choices…
The Contest: Progresso is sponsoring a big contest for the chance to win a full makeover in New York City from May 21st-23rd.. The winner will receive roundtrip airfare, a two-night hotel stay, a full makeover, a $1,000 wardrobe shopping spree, and a personal consultation at a New York department store. The contest opened yesterday and ends March 15th.
To learn more about the contest and submit your entry (if you live in the U.S.), visit . While you’re there, you can also download a coupon for $1 off any three varieties of Progresso Soup. (You may want to save your time and not enter the contest, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to win it. I’m just saying.)

The Giveaway: To whet our appetites for winning, Progresso is providing a gift pack consisting of a nicely-sized Progresso soup mug, digital jump rope, and two cans of Progresso Soup for one of you lucky U.S.or Canadian readers. All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave me a comment letting me know you want in. It’s just that simple.  You have until Thursday, January 7th, 11:59 p.m. (US Central) to enter!
I’m not normally much of a soup eater (other than my own concoctions), but with single-digit temps (and possibly s-n-o-w!) predicted here over the next few days, Progresso’s timing couldn’t be better. I arrived home cold and hungry this afternoon, and I pulled out my saucepan even before I took my coat off.  I suspect that scene will be repeated many times over the next few weeks!

And now I’m off to write the award winning essay. Or maybe I’ll just send them a photo of me in my everyday attire instead. It’s fairly self-explanatory as to why I need a makeover. :)

0 thoughts on “Product Review, Contest, & Giveaway: Progresso Soup!

  1. I used to eat soup for breakfast, lunch or dinner as a kid! I so need a makeover!!! I never learned to do make-up & I am fashion challenged! I have applied to What Not to Wear at least 3 times! :-)

    PS; Thx for changing that name thing back!!! I hope it does not cost to do that!!! 😀

  2. ha! you are so funny. good luck with the makeover contest though i doubt you need it, you are as cute as a button in your pics!

    i want in your contest pretty please!!!

  3. but what a nice reward it would be for you after losing the weight and becoming so healthy!

  4. No need to enter me – I just wanted to stop by and check in since I heard it was cold in your world. Glad you have some soup to warm you up! Happy New Year!

  5. I didn't know there was such a thing as a digital jump rope. Cool! Count me in please!

    (psst, I'm having a giveaway too. Though it may not be as cool as a digital jump rope)

  6. Thanks for having a giveaway, Cammy! I love the Progresso Light Zesty Santa Fe Style Chicken Soup. It really tastes good and I don't usually like canned soups. Well, except for good ole tomato soup 😉

  7. I too like soup as a snack, but only have my own batches to choose from. It would be nice to have a can at the ready on a late dinner night.

  8. My husband takes a can of soup for lunch just about every day and enjoys them but we bought a sampling of the Progresso light soups and he gave me a thumbs down on each one! I have used canned soups as a base for making a soup of my own but I don't want to have to re-do each can. He has enjoyed light versions of other brands so I don't think it was the decreased amount of salt that was the problem.

  9. I am actually a fan of the Progresso soups. I began years ago before their healthier soups were available. The whole family like Progresso, so when the new, healthier versions appeared, we were all delighted. I do agree that they sometimes need "a kick", but overall, I've found them a wonderful afternoon snack item. I have 1 c. of the soup and a few Special K crackers. Just the thing on these cold days.

  10. I'm not a canned soup fan but thanks for the review. I'm once again catching up on blog reading. Some kinda of stepped on my toes a tad bit but I had it coming. Time to get it in gear. HA!!!

  11. I actually like a lot of the Progresso soups and they do become a staple. :) So…I'm commenting! 😀

  12. Love Progresso, although I eat the whole can, which is 2 servings. It bugs me only because one of my things I am working on is eating just enough. But I get over it, and it's still not bad on calorie count if it's your whole meal. Thank you.