Why I'm Over (Mostly) Leo Babauta and What You Can Do About It

Yeah, the zenhabits guy who I might or might not have had a teensy faraway crush on at one time. But that’s over (mostly.)

Yesterday, Leo posted a list of 20-plus Amazing Fitness Blogs to Inspire You*. Reading through the list and clicking a few links, you quickly see that there are, indeed, some good blogs on the list.

But when you move further down the list, you start to notice a disturbing lack of estrogen-ic representation. This is a list of the favorite male fitness bloggers of other male fitness bloggers, presented on the blog of a male blogger. I’m not a particularly demonstrative feminist, but t’s enough to make me want to burn one of my sports bras. (One of the ones that’s too big now, not one of the few I have that still fit.)

To be fair(ish), it’s Leo’s blog to do with what he wishes, and it makes sense that he would be drawn to bloggers with a similar mindset. You’d think, though, that if he planned to make a whole dramatic post out of it,  he’d consider that a goodly portion of his readership is female and maybe consider asking at least
ONE woman her opinion.  Sheesh!

And that’s why I’m (mostly) over Leo. I hope he survives (and has a sense of humor.)

So here’s what YOU can do to help me through this break up: I want YOUR five favorite health & fitness blogs.  They can be written by men or women or anywhere in between.  I, unlike certain other people, recognize that I have a diverse–if much, much tinier–readership. If I have enough (any) response, I’ll compile a list and post it in it’s very own post later.

(*In case you’re wondering, I did consider not linking to the article, but that’s just bad manners. Besides, those blogs I’m familiar with or checked out really do seem to be good blogs. In the end, it IS a good–if masculine–resource.)

15 thoughts on “Why I'm Over (Mostly) Leo Babauta and What You Can Do About It

  1. I read that list and thought bleh to be honest.

    I like your idea. I'll have to give it some thought about which are my 5 favourites.

  2. i don't like picking favorites so here's some i like :) i started out reading YOURS and ronisweigh.com and msbitchcakes.blogspot.com. then i started discovering more: anonymousfatgirl.com, redsoxcap.blogspot.com, enduranceisn'tonlyphysical.blogspot.com and mizfitonline.com for starters. there are more blogs i love, though, and i try to list most of them on my page.

    and boo! to not including any women in his list. i guess i should add some male bloggers to my faves so as not to fall into a similar pattern!

  3. oopsy! leave out the apostrophe for enduranceisntonlyphysical.blogspot.com, that was a typo.

  4. Well, I assume you mean you want ideas that include blogs other than our first choice…yours.

    The Miz is always good.
    Cranky Fitness amuses and teaches
    Fat Free Me has been inspirational

  5. I love yours, Roni's, Pastaqueen, MizFit, Dietgirl,and mine is pretty good too ;-).

    I also wanted to let you know that I have a blogger award for you, if you don't already have it. Stop by when you get a chance.

  6. Man, so many out there! I agree with many of the ones already mentioned. I like girlgetstrong, Fit to the Finish, Fitness & Spice, Log My Loss & so many more. I guess if I had my way, I would go thru my favs & put them all on here!!!

    I don't think mine is that bad either! :-)

  7. Oh my, so hard to choose! I read soooo many blogs and feel that I get something from all of them! I'll have to agree with some of the ones already listed: Roni's Weigh, MizFit, Bitch Cakes and add Jen, a prior fat girl and Healthy Tipping Point.

    Okay, and I guess I'll shamelessly plug my own, too – Loser for Life :)

  8. Here are my favs:

    Pasta Queen
    Roni's Weigh
    Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit
    Fit to the Finish
    Fitness: A journey Not a Destination
    Tiny Glow
    Operation: Hot Mother
    The Chubby Girl Diaries
    Fit by 41, Maybe 42
    Project 365
    I'm Shedding the Fat Suit
    and of course, yours!!!

  9. That really was an interesting list and definitely lacking on the feminine touch.

    My List?
    Yours, mine, Finding Radiance, Jody Fit at 52, Baby Steps V, Endurance Isn't Only Physical, Fit by 41, Maybe 42

    That's more than 5 but those are the ones that entered my head first.

  10. Cranky Fitness
    Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl
    Pasta Queen
    Daily Diary of a Winning Loser
    A Merry Life

    Those are the five that I would put on my list (in addition to yours of course).

    Can't wait to see your full list!

  11. You know, when I first read your post, I thought to myself, how awful that the blogger didn't include any women. Then I thought about it and realized that I only read 1 blog written by a man (Jack Sh*t). I think it's natural for us to read blogs written by people we can relate to, and speaking solely for myself, I can relate to women writers more than I can to men.

  12. I had that same thought! I love ronisweigh.com and everygymsnighightmare.com.

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