Why Wait? Take One Small Step TODAY

I’ve talked with a few people this week who commented that they were going to get their “programs” in gear on…you guessed it: Monday! My response? Why wait?  Why not start TODAY?

“Well, we have this party on Saturday night?”
So? I do, too, but that doesn’t affect TODAY.

“I haven’t been to the grocery store yet.”
So? Neither have I, but that doesn’t mean I have to pick up a double-stuffed pizza with extra cheese on the way home. Not when there’s a Subway next door to the pizza place.

“It’s supposed to rain, but Monday is forecast to be sunny.”
So? You never heard of a sit-up? Squats? Lunges? All indoor activities..

“We still have all this Christmas candy in the house.”
So? You have a freezer. Use it.

Okay, so that last one was me talking to myself in the mirror.  But you get my point.

We always have obstacles in our way. Life doles them out by the barrelful. We have to deal with them. One by one is usually the most effective way, and after all, ya gotta start somewhere.

Why not take TODAY to knock out just one of those obstacles?

Why not take TODAY to change just one little thing that you’re doing right now? Oh wait, I already blogged about that way back when in this post.

Why wait until {insert some date in near future here} when you can take a baby step or two TODAY?

Don’t wait. Start TODAY, if only in a small way. Consider it a warm-up, a prelude to more small steps to follow. Let the momentum build.

If nothing else, you’ll be ahead of the crowd on Monday. :)


Happy New Year and Fresh Start!

 The beginning is the most important part of the work. ~Plato

0 thoughts on “Why Wait? Take One Small Step TODAY

  1. Cammy, I love this post. It's exactly what I needed to hear today. My baby step today- no snacking on leftover chocolates!
    Happy New Year

  2. Great advice! We all have a choice. We have a choice on when we will actually take that next step. Don't wait until Monday. Or next month. Do it today!!!! You'll love yourself for it!

  3. I am totally with you on this! In fact *I* just wrote about this very subject!! there is no reason to wait, we can ALWAYS make one step TODAY!!

    Here's to a healthy and fit 2010!!

  4. awesome! toughlove 2010! seriously, why put off what you can start right now. such good advice. if you don't start until monday, then that's several days you've not made any progress toward healthy. why do that to yourself? love yourself enough to start today, this minute! i totally agree.

  5. Cammy, you know me & I am all about starting your "fitness program" today & not tomorrow! Why wait is right cause if you do, every excuse in the book comes up!!

    Great post!

  6. Happy New Year!

    …you were totally talking to me, too 😉 Thank you for this. I needed it!

    – Sagan

  7. You sound like my kind of girl-I don't like to hear excuses either. My favorite-"I gained weight this year because my husband always buys junk food!" My answer: Does he hold a gun to your head and force you to eat it? (Sorry, that sounded harsh, but I actually have a friend who said that.I didn't really answer her that way, I just wanted to!)

  8. Happy New Year, Cammy. And thank you for reminding us that taking it a step at a time will get us there.

    And thanks for the very nice comment you left me. I hope you have a very blessed year!

  9. Careful my dear Cammy…..people don't like tough love…. :o)

    I seriously love the message and am so glad to read it. It's truly what I'd love to have said to my sister when she told me she started her New Years Day with a diet coke and a scotcheroo (rice crispy bar w/choc&peanut butter on top)- this after reading her blog about making dietary changes.

    Having said this….I truly know how easy it is to wait, to put off until tomorrow…I did it all the way up to 300 pounds. And, maybe her one step was to only have 1 scotcheroo rather than the pan – I'm not sure.

    As far as the candy…..I'd go a step further and donate it to a homeless or women's shelter.

    Thanks for your comments and feedback on my blog. You're the best.

  10. You got it Pontiac!! (am i the only one old enough to remember these ads?)

    I had breakfast today. Just a small clementine, a bowl of healthy cereal and skim milk. I didn't "start" today..i "started" years ago..Now i'm just remembering to do it:)

    missed you!

  11. Such a great post! Although I didn't work out yesterday and took a relaxation day, I did manage to eat pretty good all day (in preparation for the yummy dinner we had) and I still ran around with the dog. Now the big dogs come out and it's time to get a good workout in.

    Have a fabulous year!!

  12. Happy New Year!

    The excuses are all ones I've used before but you're SO right. Thanks for such a great post!

  13. Excellent post. I couldn't agree more.

    I'm not waiting anymore. There's always going to be an excuse to start Monday after the holiday food fest trifecta but then you have Valentines Day candy, St. Patrick's Day alcohol, tax time stress, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day BBQs, Halloween, and then we're right back to the food fest (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year). If that's not enough, then you have office functions, business lunches, birthday parties and anniversary parties. It looks like you might have a window to start a diet in June if you don't have a wedding to go to.

    Every day, every meal, every morsel is a new start. No more excuses.

    Thank you for always giving such good advice and being so supportive. You rock Cammy!

    Happy 2010!

  14. This post is great for everyone out there making excuses not to start today. Today is my 12th Saturday in a row since I made the decision to change my life for the better and to getting fit not fat (physically and mentally).

    Have a Happy New Year and good on you with taking each small step when you need to:o)

  15. This is great advice Cammy. It's all about starting in the moment, and not waiting for the planets to align, or a full moon to appear. It's about beginning, taking steps towards our goals, and reaching them.

    Great post – and Happy New Year!

  16. I'm not waiting till Monday, I got right back on track on Friday. The sooner the better.

    I did have a rice krispy treat today though!…does this disqualify me??
    (I allowed it in my calories and had wonderfully healthy meals today and I even exercised today.)

  17. I totally agree with you! I was so tempted to wait until Monday to get myself back on track. I asked myself the exact same question………. Why? No time like now !

  18. Amen, sister! Waiting for tomorrow never works, because tomorrow becomes today, so we wait for another tomorrow! (Wait, that was confusing. Ow.) You know what I mean. Thanks for saying it so eloquently!