Winner – Special K Resolution Party Pack

The random number generator has spoken and the winner of the Special K Resolution Party Pack is….robin.osullivan, who is potato chip and cheese snack-free!  (Robin, your profile doesn’t have any contact info, so if you’ll send your shipping info to me at ttdinbox[at]gmail[dot]com, I’ll get that to the appropriate party.

Thanks to Special K for providing this gift pack opportunity!

And thanks to you all for sharing the deductions and additions to your daily fare. I actually jinxed myself in listing my items. Suddenly, I’m consumed with the notion of having pancakes! Guess I’ll have to find a healthy version or slate them for a future monthly splurge. :)

Back later in the day! For now, must get the house ready for the electrician to do hi$ thing on the remodel project.

0 thoughts on “Winner – Special K Resolution Party Pack

  1. Lori at Finding Radiance makes some sort of protein pancakes. I've never tried them but they look good and appear to be healthier than the bisquick type.

  2. My favourite (and very healthy) pancake recipes: and

    I put banana into the batter of the second recipe, too. I love making pancakes with fruit in them! Instead of orange juice in the second recipe, I just use milk (usually unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, with added vanilla extract instead of orange rind, so that they become VANILLA spice pancakes).