Happy Healthy Hearts

February is American Heart Month and National Heart Month in the U.K. and Canada. It’s a great time to learn about or recommit yourself to heart healthy strategies. I blogged about Heart Month on this date last year. Check it out to learn more about heart disease, especially as it affects women. (Note: As far as I can tell, the HEART for Women Act is still stuck in some Senate committee and has not been passed.

Friday, February 5, is National Wear Red Day (February 11th in Australia. Show your support for women’s heart health–Go Red! Get your co-workers to do the same. My office did it last year, and it was soooo energizing to see how many people–women and men–showed their support. You can see me in my red finery by clicking here.

In New Zealand Annual Appeal Week will be held February 8-14th. I’m not sure exactly what that is, but it sounds like a fund-raiser to me. So if you’re in NZ, give early and/or often! :)


In other news, my heart is very happy today! Lots of reasons, but not the least of which can be found at #11 on my List of 10 Things That Make Me Happy. If you recall from the aforelinked post, I had entered Chocolate-Covered Katie‘s Vitamix Giveaway and in a burst of positivity (and general silliness), added it to the list of happy-inducers at the last minute. Well, guess what?

I won!

Yeps, out of the gazillion people who entered, my name was chosen. (Bless you, Katie! and thanks to all of you who cheered!) After years of pining, I will soon be the proud owner of a Vitamix 5200.

And with fresh strawberry season just around the corner…

Be still, my heart.

Wait! I don’t mean that literally. My heart should keep on pumping like it’s supposed to, only happier and healthier. :)


Wishing you all. a heart-healthy and heart-happy February!

18 thoughts on “Happy Healthy Hearts

  1. congrats on the win!!! YAY!!! I know you have been coveting one 4-evah!

    thank you for the heart info:)


  2. Oooo, that's a nifty thing! Congratulations! Now, we'll want photographs of all the fab things you make with it. :-)

  3. Wow, what a cool thing to have won! Enjoy it and make sure to share recipes with us. I love smoothies! 😀

  4. Booya!!! Congratulations on the big win. Very exciting for you.

    I am in fact listening to the doc and stopped lifting a couple of weeks ago…

  5. Marvey! I second the motion to see action photos — also a review after you use it a couple of times. I hope it lives up to its reputation!

  6. I am going to see if my staff will participate & wear red on Friday!!

    Oh and I mean to say congrats on winning, I noticed that yesterday!! :)

  7. Congrats!!! It is always wonderful to get something you really wanted for free!!!! I'm doing a little happy dance for you in my head of course. In reality, I'm sitting at my desk. LOL!

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