Greetings from Sparkletown!  It’s a nice trade-off for the inconvenience of the ice.

We never did get any real snow in my part of town, despite being promised LOTS of it. We did have lots of sleet, but the main roads were mostly passable.

I survived the weekend in healthy fashion, with no unnecessary snacking. I decided to log my food for the weekend, which may have helped me stick to the plan.

Or maybe it was the stress of hearing melting ice chunks crashing onto my roof from the tree limbs above. Who can say.

How’d you do?

A few links I bookmarked this week:

If you’re struggling a bit staying on plan, maybe it’s time to take a step back and focus on some basics with 7 Easy Ways to Lose Weight without Starving or Breaking a Sweat.

If you’re like me and spend waaaay too much time at the grocery store trying to weed out the products with high fructosse corn syrup, the folks at StopHFCS have a handy listing of HFCS-free products. They also have a forum in which members share their finds.

Runners who are suffering from tight hamstrings and sore calves might want to check out Yoga’s Benefits for Runners at Healthy Theory.

Last but not least, if you’re the type who responds better to a little financial incentive, check out MUO’s  review of Lose It or Lose It. I can tell you already that my money’s on you! :)

And that’s it for me! I’m headed to the treadmill and then off to watch “Worst Cooks in America”, which is interesting but embarrassing, in that they’re all 10 times better cooks than I am. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. pretty picture! thanks for the links. i had a lazy weekend and loved every minute of it. the sun came out, most of the snow is melted, and i tried another new recipe. lots of recovering from the work week. and here's to diving into the next one!

  2. OK, who has the list of products that are HFCS, dairy, gluten and corn free????? 😀

    I had an awesome scrapbooking weekend and did well with my eating. Took my own meals and snacks to stay on track. Our hostess was doing the 30-day plan of Jillian Michael's book and it's so restrictive! The rest of us felt bad eating good food around her.

    Glad you are staying warm. Ice storms are never fun. It's been cold here, but we haven't had much snow since the first of the year. I hope I didn't just jinx myself. I have 4 chocolate parties coming up in the next two weeks! :-)
    Path to Health

  3. OK, I went and voted, even though you're not large anymore, but I guess you don't need to be. It needs a blog written FOR large women, to whom they are trying to sell bras. Good luck!

  4. Hey Cammy! I had a great weekend. Stayed focused on my goals! :) Enjoyed my family. Life is good.

  5. Hey, congrats on the award nomination!

    OK, lots of links to look at again. How do you find them all!

    As for Worst Cooks show.. I am with you, makes me feel pretty, well, shall we say, deficient since they are all better than me too!

  6. I find it hard to believe, judging from some of your culinary efforts, that the cooks on "Worst Cooks" could be better than you. I love the show, cuz I feel so accomplished when watching the train wreck in front of me. I know you're a better cook than any of them….you've even discussed your triumphs here in your blog.

  7. Great links Cammy, thanks for posting these.

    Worst Cooks in America? Sounds delightful. I love that kind of reality tv (my husband refers to it as good smut!)

    Glad you survived the weather! :)

  8. I've been watching that show too! Are they really better cooks than you?? I bet you are selling yourself short!

    We got 9" of snow and now that it is melting is is gross and starting to get muddy.

  9. Love the sparkly tree.

    Cammy, I received Martha Beck's "Finding Your Own North Star" for Christmas from a very good friend of mine.

    I haven't started reading it but I think that starting it will be one of my goals for the next week of the challenge I am in.

    Thanks for the reminder…must remember where I put it…

  10. Thanks for the links and congrats on the nomination.

    Can't wait to read some more of your blog.

  11. I'm ALL ABOUT drinking plenty of water and carrying groceries… beats a workout any day 😉

    Congrats on the nomination! I have voted accordingly- you deserve it, Cammy.