The Week That Was

This was one of those weeks that peaked on Tuesday and then kind of tumbled and stumbled to a dismal finish. Nothing horrible at all, for which I’m humbly thankful, but a couple of disappointing turn of events, a root canal with feverish complications (I look like a chipmunk!), the apparent death of my treadmill, and endless gray days have me very much looking forward to a fresh new week!

On the plus side, nutrition and exercise were pretty decent this week. When my treadmill went into a coma, I learned that my parents still had an old stationary bike I’d purchased years and years ago, so I hauled it to my house. It’s pretty pathetic, as cardio equipment goes, but after I put on my 10-pound ankle weights, I was able to get in a good workout on it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, eh? :)

Also on the plus side, I “discovered” a really cool international food market near my house that has fruits and veggies I never even heard of. It’s been there for several years, and I only drive past it every two or three days, but I’d never bothered to stop until yesterday. My goal of trying new foods every few weeks just got a whole lot easier.

Another bright spot to the week was that a number of new-to-me bloggers dropped in to comment, and now I have some fun new blogs to check out! Following other people as they achieve their goals always inspires me to keep chasing my own. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Finally, these articles also brightened my otherwise gray-ish week:
– Kat over at shared How to Boost Your Metabolism in 3 Minutes 29 Seconds (Caution: If you need to pee, I suggest you do it before watching the accompanying video.)

– The folks at Wisebread posted some great tips on Frugal Gluten-free Living. While I’m not gluten-free, I know some of you are, and these seem like pretty good ideas.

Healthy Theory had this informative post: Not All Sugars Are Created Equal.

MakeUseOf clued me in on this free online food diary, exercise, and weight loss tracker.

And last, but far from least, DumbLittleMan had an awesome post on 50 Ways to Create a Better Day. Today I’m focusing on #27 and NOT wallowing. :)

Hope you’re looking forward to an amazing weekend!


0 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Ankle weights + recycled old stationary bike? Brilliant. This could have saved me some bucks a while back.

    Sorry about the tooth ordeal. Hope you're doing better!

  2. oh no!! hope you feel better soon!

    fab idea on the bike – where there is a will there is a way!!


  3. I wish I had a market like that. Or a Trader Joes. I will have to enjoy your new foods vicariously.

  4. Tooth pain is nasty! Hope you're feeling better soon. Hubs swears by his stationary bike plus a few weights :)
    Here's to a new improved week for you.

  5. Sorry about the gray days and I hope your skies are blue today!

    Hope the tooth is feeling better too.

    I have a beautiful farmer's market right up the road and love to go there and check out all the different things to buy.

    Thanks for the links, I especially like the gluten free one.

    Hugs to you!!!

  6. I'm glad you found a good alternative to the dead treadmill. What a good idea with the ankle weights. I can't believe I've never thought about that. Thanks! :)

  7. Cammy, I may be with you next week on the teeth thing although I am getting more done than that so I guess we shall see. So sorry to hear it created more probs for you! BUT, look what you did with that… amazing & of course I have lots of links to check out!!! THX!

    Feel better & congrats on that bike workout! WOW!

  8. Ouch! I hate the dentist and I'm overdue to go back. I'm sure the chipmunk cheeks will go away soon.

    Thanks for the links. I'm going to check them out.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend, chipmunk cheeks and all.

  9. Oh, you poor thing. Johnny Carson had it right when he said the only two words more frightening that "nuclear war" are "root canal".

    Hope you're feeling better!

  10. I'm sooo sorry about your tooth pain. I hate the dentist. Thanks for all the links!

  11. Sounds like a trying week. I am sending you a virtual bouquet of yellow tulips. There, does that help?

  12. I love that Ellen vid I've seen it before! :) Thanks for sharing it. Sorry to hear about your treadmill. Hopefully you're feeling better from the root canal those are NOT fun!

  13. I feel you pain!! not to sound like Clinton but I really do. Sorry about the dental issues and the treadmill. I'm so proud of you for coming up with a solution to get in your cardio. Are you still going to the gym???

  14. I am so impressed at your biking solution – I would have probably not even thought to do that.

    So sorry about your root canal. Tooth problems suck!