Danger at Every Turn

Anyone know how many calories are burned while avoiding danger? If not calories, maybe good karma points? In either case, I hope it’s plenty.

I decided to take advantage of mild temps and peek-a-boo sunshine to walk down to Subway for a turkey sandwich. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  Well, look at what jumped out at me on the way:


Oh no! I forgot about the Girl Scouts! Some of ya’ll will remember that I narrowly escaped these beasts of Satan little cuties last year. Apparently, word of my avoidance leaked out (perhaps they’re spying on me here?), and they escalated their campaign this year by doing this:


They put photos of the cookies on the signs!! How despicable is that! These people have no shame!

But they don’t know me very well, do they? I sailed right by, slowing down only to collect pictorial evidence of the crime scene, and continued my trek toward turkey sustenance.

And that’s when I spotted this new threat, right next door to my neighborhood Subway:


A Mexican restaurant! Practically in my front yard!! Cheesy, spicy goodness that I have to pass to get to Subway or Kroger. My life is ruined!

Or maybe not. After all, I’ve avoided (more like delayed) going to the new Mexican restaurant that opened a mile or so away, and they’ve been open for months. Of course, we’re also separated by a few hundred houses, and I don’t pass it every time I travel south from my house.

Oh well, I’ll just have to map out routes that always take me north. Or work out a whole lot more. :)

Okay, enough Sunday silliness from me. I hope you’ve had as wonderful a weekend as I have, and that you avoided the dangers of modern life! :)

17 thoughts on “Danger at Every Turn

  1. You must have super powers. Able to glide by the Girl Scouts unnoticed, able to resist Mexican restaurants.

    You must have been wearing your Vigilance Cape!!!

    Have fun planning your new routes!

  2. Funny! I am so glad there are no more girl scouts in my neighborhood. I avoid Subway, myself, because I like the high fat caloric subs:(

  3. This was too funny! And Kimberley's comment was perfect!

    Glad you were able to resist all that temptation.

  4. Phew – those are a lot of challenges to pass by. I think you should enter a hurdling competition now for that LOL!

  5. Pictures of cookies on the sign? How dare they! Hehehe. I loved this post. Very positive and happy.

  6. You are so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what I needed tonight!

    As for those girl scout cookies, they sell them outside every single store around here!!! Are they trying to drive us crazy! :-)

  7. oh my! i feel your pain with the girl scout cookies. someone kept offering me my total favorites, the samoa's, and after turning them down twice i think i yelled "get away, food pusher!" :)

    mexican food is my ultimate demise. good luck to you, my friend.

  8. Hee hee! This was very funny! :) Those darn girl scout cookies are sooo bad for me. I can't ever stop at just one or two. Must avoid them at all costs.

  9. Resistance is futile…I think the Girl Scouts (at least this time of year) ARE the Borg! LOL They are camped outside every grocery store in town, too.

    Did you ever get that sub, by the way?

  10. Thanks this post made me laugh & I needed it. I'm taking a blog break from grant renewal writing (the budget portion). Mexican probably would not be very good since it has been a long time since you have had any of it. Hope the sub was worth battling the dangers.

    It was such a gorgeous weekend. I got my first sunburn of the year, even with SPF 50 sunblock. Just a tad not enough to hurt.

  11. LOL!

    Yeah they staked out the local Publix here. I called it the Girl Scout gauntlet to the checkout guy. I wish they would do a non food thing. When approached, I told them I was the anti-cookie. They probably heard, Auntie Cookie :-)

  12. I'm going to give you all a little hint for dealing with cute little girl scout munchkins: contribute toward Operation Thin Mint. Instead of buying boxes of cookies that will make you feel horrible (trust me, I've been there), put that same amount of money toward sending a little care package from home to a member of our Armed Forces serving overseas. I've heard first-hand (my husband used to be in charge of distributing these on the ships he served on) of the joy they bring to those who don't have to worry about being accosted by the munchkins because they are somewhere far from home instead. And, as if the glow of happiness from doing something good isn't enough, it's also a tax deduction. :-)

  13. Well done for having such strong willpower, it can be so hard to avoid temptation, especially when it seems to be targetting you everywhere! I hope your good food choices will empower you and keep your willpower strong for the coming week. Best of luck!

  14. OMG, I saw the Girl Scouts out this weekend, too! And I kept on walking by, as well. I am proud of us. :)

  15. i am so glad I have never in my life been accosted by a girl guide. i hear they are really ruthless. :)

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