For the Love of Chocolate

With my various home projects on hold, pending the return of the professional painters for their final final touch-ups, I decided to declare today a Reno-Free Day. The sun was shining, the temps were headed to the high 50s–a perfect day to be out and about!

So what did I do on my free day? Well, after a brief (hah!) stop at the dermatologist’s office, it was on to another potential form of torture:

Yep, I spent part of my free day in the belly of the beast, so to speak, exploring the wonderful world of chocolate. Unfortunately, most of the actual chocolate was shown only in pictures. I suppose the risk of broken display cases was too much for them. :)

The exhibit is really interesting. The ecological requirements of our chocolate source, the cacoa tree, are presented:

So, if you’re not inclined to protect the rainforests for their environmental benefits, do it for the chocolate!
The exhibit also covers the history of chocolate,  where it originated (with the Maya and Aztec of Mexico and Latin America) and how it became a global commodity via the Spanish conquistadors, European society, and then on to North America.  From there we moved to current technologies, including scientific discoveries such as the medicinal virtues of cacoa’s components. All thoroughly interesting and without any effect on my waistline. :)
And yet…I still found it necessary to have a chocolate cookie afterward. :)  It seemed fitting…and the safer choice when compared to the frosted jumbo brownie in the museum cafe. But I made a note to go back for one of those brownies on another day. They looked yummy!
My other splurge was purchasing the book, The Emperors of Chocolate:  Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars at the museum gift shop. It looks like a good read, but I’ll let you know if it turns out otherwise. 
I closed out the excursion with a 2-mile power walk and now I’m home and preparing for a 20-minute nap. All in all, a most excellent day and a great start to the weekend! We’re looking at a couple more days just like this one, weather-wise, and I do NOT plan to be cooped up in this house!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead! Any special plans?

13 thoughts on “For the Love of Chocolate

  1. That sounds like a fun day; I'm not sure that I could deal with being surrounded by chocolate at this point in time though! I'll be helping my sister out at her ski area this weekend….one more weekend after this to go!

  2. That does sound like a great day! And it reminds me that I have not been craving chocolate lately. Hmmm. Oh wait… I guess I need to count my after-lunch Viactiv chew. That is pretty yummy right now.

  3. Yummy! A chocolate museum, now that's my type of museum. Good for you for enjoying a cookie afterward. I would be disappointed had you not.

  4. What a cool way to spend the day. And chocolate… does a body GOOD. :) I've recently discovered Green&Black's organic dark chocolate. A square or two certainly satisfies the chocolate cravings. I thought Lindt 85% was the best but I've changed teams now.

    No special plans for the weekend…..just getting the house ready for a visit from my niece. YES….someone from the USA is coming to visit me! Who's the lucky girl? :o)

  5. Now I think it was a GREAT idea they didn't have actual chocolate there! LOL

    No big plans this weekend, but it does look like the sunshine has finally made it up to Northern Michigan so maybe I'll go for a walk/jog outside today. So happy the weather is changing! :)

  6. I know the feeling – I went to a chocolate exhibit at a conservatory and after walking around seeing and smelling chocolate, I definitely had the piece of chocolate they gave you afterwards.

  7. What a wonderful day AND weekend to come! Hope you are enjoying. I am sure you are!

    Me, I am still looking for a dress for my stepdaughter's wedding which is right around the corner.. OH NO!

  8. Cammy, when you get a chance stop by my blog, I have an award I would like to pass on to you :)

  9. Chocolate… natural chocolate that is can actually help you lose weight. its wonderful to use but don't mistake hershey as natural.. lol

  10. That certainly sounds like fun.

    My weekend has involved dining out, pampering, grocery shopping, cooking and walking in the sunshine! An all around great time.

    When I was in Tobago, we went to a cocoa plantation and we were told to watch out for the cocoa "police." The "police" are big, black snakes that live in the trees…I am so glad none of them came out to play.

  11. Seems like a very interesting exhibit! I do love that slogan: "So, if you're not inclined to protect the rainforests for their environmental benefits, do it for the chocolate!"

    It should be on a shirt! Hehehe.

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