Movin' On Up

I am pleased to announce that I have a New Gym.

First, a quick update: I did receive a courteous and professional response to my note to The Power That Be at my old gym, ATC Fitness. He explained that all existing or former members are required to pay the sign-up fees as their previous contracts expire. It’s not a penalty so much as a new way of billing that results in a lower monthly fee. And it does. The $15 monthly fee is about half what I paid under my previous enrollment. That’s a little more palatable than the shoulder-shrug response I got from the desk clerk last week.

But I had already started touring other gyms, and I was curious about what else was available. So I kept looking. You’ll remember that my only parameter was that my eventual choice be within easy walking/biking distance from my house. What a surprise to find so many candidates:

Physiology Associates
The Jewish Community Center’s Wellness Center
Curves for Women
24-Hour Fitness
Germantown Athletic Club

My primary focus for now is strength training and cardio workouts, but I do like to shake things up now and then. ATC has the standard cardio stuff (upright bikes, recumbents, treadmills, ellipticals, and stair climbers), circuit machines, and free weights. Oh, and they have a stability ball, a few mats, and some resistance cords. In other words, the essentials. (Excluding the tanning beds, which I think are ridiculous for a business that’s supposed to be focused on health.) Still, I accomplished a lot while I was there, so no regrets!

Almost all of the other gyms I toured had the standard equipment and more: BOSU balls, multiple stability balls, medicine balls, cardio steps, workout mats, rowing machines, cross-ramps, and so on and so on. Most also had pools and group classes.

In the end, I decided to go with 24-Hour Fitness. I had the opportunity to work out there on Wednesday, and I felt completely comfortable. I was impressed not only with the staff, but with the friendly customers as well. It seems to be a fairly diverse clientele, with respect to age, gender, size, fitness level, etc., which I find appealing.

I was able to take advantage of a $0 initiation fee program and a discount for paying for a year up front. When all of that’s netted together, I’ll end up paying about $8/month more (about the cost of one lunch out) than I would’ve paid at ATC, but I’ll have access to many more workout options and more locations when I travel. Oh, and I get 3 free sessions with a trainer! Woo-hoo! Plus, if/when I’m ready, I can take spinning and yoga classes without going elsewhere and paying extra!

I’m not even thinking about the p-o-o-l yet. :)

I’m so excited! This is definitely feeling like a lemons-to-lemonade situation, and while I still have the ‘squish belly’, I do NOT have the blues. I thoroughly enjoyed my workout yesterday (Yaay BOSU ball squats!), and I’m looking forward to working out again on Friday. Thanks to the BOSU reunion and a 10-mile bike ride today, my legs say tomorrow is a rest day. :)

Oh, and speaking of my bike ride, I passed a trail area called Turtle Bayou today and caught a glimpse of the Turtle Bayou Mass Transit System in action:


If you look in the upper left section of the photo, you can see the log stop where more passengers are waiting. :) (larger photo)

I love Spring!

19 thoughts on “Movin' On Up

  1. Glad you found a new gym that you like! And I just have to add, yay for the BOSU – love that thing! 😉

  2. I LOVE my 24Hour Fitness! Glad you found a new gym and I LOVE the picture! AWESOME!

    Happy workouts!

  3. I'm glad you found a new gym where you can be comfortable. I used to do a BOSU strength class but it does not fit in my schedule any more and I really miss it! I think it really helped my balance. Happy working out:)

  4. I actually chose 24 Hour fitness for my gym as well. Though it's not walking distance from my house it IS so from work. Plus, my employer will reimburse me if I go 8 times a month. I have to pay but they give it back to me minus taxes on my check. What a motivation to go!
    I'm a new reader just wanted to say hi.

  5. That gym sounds great! With all those extra options it definitely sounds like it's worth the extra money!

  6. I'm glad you found a gym that you love. That's always such a plus.

    Great photos! Turtle Power!

  7. I love that pic! :-)

    Now we belong to the same gym!!! I love those 24 hours! I go at very weird times so I can rule the place! :-)

    Enjoy & congrats!

  8. Congratulations! I am secretly glad you didn't choose Curves because I want to see you doing some lifting and not just machines 😀

  9. I love 24 hour fitness and it's awesome when you're traveling to find one in town. Kudos to you for doing your homework and finding the best gym for you.

  10. I used to go to 24 hour fitness when I lived in Austin – I loved it. Really good classes. I haven't found anything close to it in the UK. Your turtle pic made me miss my old place – we had a neighborhood pond with terrapin turtles. Cute.

  11. Hooray for finding a new gym that you like!! And how awesome to get 3 free sessions with a trainer!

  12. Love the Turtle Bayou Transit system! LOL!

    I'm glad you found a gym that will work for you. That is so cool about the personal training sessions, too!

  13. The head turtle looks completely in charge!

    I like how you took your time and visited and tried out gyms before you chose. I am really glad you found one you like.

  14. Well, free personal trainer sessions are definitely a deal maker for me, so good choice! That's a huge savings right there.

    And where do I buy my ticket for the Turtle Express?

  15. Ooohh!!! I'm glad you decided on a gym! :)

    I was curious if you were going to pick Curves or not. The biggest negative I think if you switched to Curves would be going from free weights to none. I know I like the free weights… :)

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