Re-entering the Work(out)force

Completed my second workout at the new gym today to great success. *pats self on back* Within five minutes of arriving, I was approached by a chatty helpful gentleman member, who offered to answer any questions I might have. He apparently is the resident cheerleader, as I saw him speaking to pretty much everyone there at some point. That’s a nice departure from the old gym, where I felt like the lonely little gym bunny.

I’m somewhat surprised that I’m able to use the same weights that I used when I last worked out at the gym. Apparently, my random at-home workouts and functional exercise served me well. (That’s nice to know for those times when my to-do list trumps the gym.) I haven’t pushed too hard so far, limiting my strength training to 30 minutes. If I don’t notice any significant aftereffect tomorrow, I’ll add the other 15 minutes in and be back to where I was. Yaaay!

One thing I did let slide a little too much this week was the post-workout stretching. Lesson learned. I’m okay with muscles that protest a little the day after a workout, but they shouldn’t actually hurt. Not if I’m using proper form and stretching adequately.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous day, and I’ll do either a long walk or a bike ride. Or maybe both. :)

But that’s tomorrow. Right now, it’s time for dinner (tuna salad and tomatoes and celery and salsa–oh my!, followed by a yogurt/chocolate granola sundae)! But before I go, let me declutter the starred items of interest from my reader:

How to Get Back into Your Routine after a Break, from DLM. While I didn’t take a full break from exercise, I did break the routine I’d used for a year-and-a-half. This pretty much summarizes my approach to re-establishing my schedule.

A brilliant rant on plus-sized shopping at Wisebread this week. I’m keeping it starred as a reminder that I do not EVER want to deal with plus-size shopping again!

Rebecca Critchfield explained why Diet Cycling Leads to Overeating, Anxiety and Withdrawal and got a big Amen! from me. Seriously, it took me my whole adult life to figure this out. Where was Rebecca 20 years ago? She could’ve saved me a lot of turmoil.  :)

You know what? It’s Spring! (Or Autumn!, depending on your hemisphere) and you should be outdoors, not indoors reading blog articles. No matter how good said articles might be. So be gone! Get out and move, or just soak up some Vitamin D and be still. Whatevery you need.

Happy Weekend!

14 thoughts on “Re-entering the Work(out)force

  1. I so cannot wait to get back to my gym! Funny how I have to get myself there when I am able to go, but really miss it when I can't.

  2. So glad you are enjoying your new gym!

    Now, I must take your last piece of advice! I have been here all day… well, in my defense, family in town starting tonight thru next weekend for the upcoming wedding at the end of next week so I was trying to do a few posts before hand. I will be out all weekend but with a little morn time for computer! :-)


  3. Glad you are enjoying your new gym!! There is a guy like that at mine too. I think the gym is more of a social thing for those kinds of people than a place to work out! 😉

  4. It's getting late and I don't go outdoors towards dark in my area lol. But I did get out today. It is a BEAUTIFUL day!
    That's GREAT that the new gym is going well. I had one initial session with a trainer to show me the ropes around the gym. Nobody really comes and talks to me. I am kinda just on my own. I like it but I like that I can still ask questions if I need to.
    Great articles too. Have a great day!

  5. I'm glad you found a new gym. Yay!

    I got up at 0-dark-thirty. It began to snow during my run. AMAZING. So beautiful to look up into the dark and see these fat snowflakes swirling down.

    I'm surprised I didn't trip.

  6. And a good post it is! I did ride my bike today and take my dog for a walk. I wish I could bottle up this weather and save it for a day in August.

    Thank you for your encouragement. I'm looking at the positive again, and it's lookin' good :)

  7. Glad the new gym is working out so well for you! Someone had mentioned "muscle memory" to me and I haven't read much on it. Do you think that's why you were so easily able to jump back into working out with the same weights? WTG!

  8. So glad that you are liking your new gym. Very important.

    LOL about the "greeter".

    I need to come back and follow some of those links you've posted. Sound interesting. For now, you've convinced me to get on out there! It's spring!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. From a potato chip lover, I have to thank you once again for turning me on to celery and salsa. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  10. That is awesome you are going to a new gym. It sounds great! Love what you said about spring LOL!

  11. I needed to read your enthusiastic post…I am in downer and just cant seem to drag my butt out to do anything this week…agghhhh….it is raining today but tomorrow if it is clear I am going to go out for a long walk or bike ride…hugs Khris

  12. Sounds like the new gym is perfect for you. I too sometimes let the stretching slip and then I am so sorry. Why do I do that?

    I hope you have a great day!

  13. Did I not comment, Cammy? I thought I did, but I must have missed something. How crass, when I linked your post! Hope that's okay. Thanks for your great comment on my blog and for being your kindly and balanced self.

  14. I haven't been in a gym in well over a year now. I really need to think about rejoining…sigh.

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