Breaking News!!

I hope I’ve caught you before you heard this on CNN or BBC America or…egads, I just heard the president has called a press conference. I hope he’s not going to blab. Damn those White House leaks!

Quickly then, here’s the scoop: After 500+ posts on blogger, I am moving up (or down, depending on your POV) the blogging food chain to WordPress. Blogger has changed what and how they support blogs like mine, so I’m taking my toys and going elsewhere. (Caution: If you have google stock, you might want to watch the markets carefully after this news hits the airwaves.)

(Note: If you have google stock, are male, 45-55, and are unmarried, drop me an email.)

Okay, so the move is scheduled for later this week (so much packing and cleaning to do!), and in a perfect world will mean no changes to you whatsoever.  RSS feeds will work, archives will hop where they’re supposed to, and so on and so on

Um ,yeah. This is ME we’re moving, and my world is blessed but not perfect.  Since the last thing I want to do is lose you , I wanted to offer you an opportunity to sign-up for a courtesy email letting you know when the migration is complete.  If all goes well, you’ll already know because your feed or email or click-through worked, but if changes are necessary for updating your feed (and I hope you will!), I can let you know via email.

If you’d like to sign-up for the FREE! post-migration Cammy-gram, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this post, click ‘SUBMIT’, and we’re done!  If you aren’t able to use the form below, you can use the form here instead.

Or you can just email me your address using the Contact link in my sidebar. 

Or you can just roll the dice and see if the RSS feed works like we hope!

I’ll still be posting here this week, as time allows, and I’ll provide updates, if needed.   Meanwhile, I’ll be working out, having carpet installed in part of my house, overseeing the outside painting and gutter installation, and hanging out on your blogs.

Oh, and I should probably learn to use WordPress at some point, shouldn’t I? Any resources I should know about? :)

Thanks so much for reading The Tippy Toe Diet!

13 thoughts on “Breaking News!!

  1. I think this will be a good move for you. I have a Blogspot blog for my business and while it is good for many things, I do prefer my WP blog for AFG. Just so much more you can do! :)

  2. hmmm… what has blogger done? What does WordPress do that Blogger doesnt? I was rather under the impression that anything good you could do with WordPress was something you had to pay for.

  3. Welcome to WordPress! The support for the free WP site is superb. I'm moving on to, and all the options are rather daunting…

  4. I sent you a note! I really want to know how it goes as I so want to get away from GoDaddy that screws up just about everything. Did all your old posts & such switch over? That is what I am worried about!

    Do you have to know how to do code? I am not great with that computer stuff. :-)

  5. WordPress rocks – it's about time. :)

    So… any word from all those google stock owning unmarried dudes???

    Good luck with your move!

  6. Don’t want to lose you. Was checking up because I don’t think my Google Reader has been letting me know when you post. Many thanks for all your kind comments. You are one of my most favourite commentors and I don’t know how you keep track of us all. I value your input/encouragement.

    Hope your move is as hassle free as possible

    You were one of the first four to comment when I began Blogging.

    .-= Margie´s last blog ..CHALLENGING DAYS AHEAD =-.

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