Duped, But Wiser For It

A few weeks ago I ended a post with a photo of some turtles I spotted while on my bike ride. In particular, I was delighted by these little cuties:


I thought I was pretty lucky to be in that place at that time, to capture the sight. What a gift!

Imagine my surprise when I was walking the same trail last week and came upon…the exact same sight! What luck!

That’s when the voice of wisdom jumped in and said, “This cain’t be right.” (My voice of wisdom is a little bit country.) When I’d ridden past the bayou previously, I’d actually done little more than spot the turtles, snap a photo, pause to count my blessings at being there in that moment, and then hop back on the bike to continue my ride. On this, the second sighting, I took the time to get a little closer, really look at the bayou, and wonder.

What were the odds that days and days after my initial discovery, I would once again see four turtles, in the exact same positions, complete with retracted head on second-from-right turtle and fallen branch hanging over the log.

And wasn’t it the teensiest bit strange that other turtles in the bayou were diving off their sunning spots left and right as I tromped daintily made my way down the path. Why did these turtles almost seem to be posing?

And why do they look so completed and totally tried out, like…resin or concrete?

Yep, you guessed it: they’re fake. Decorative turtles only. I have no idea why they’re out there, or why I couldn’t see that they were fake on my first visit.
I was so disappointed, and more than a little embarrassed when I remembered that I had excitedly posted a photo here.

But then I remembered that of all the people in my universe, this group might be more likely to understand this desire to believe in something, even if it seems too good to actually be true. I’m sure there’s more than one person reading here (besides me) who has heard a sales pitch for one of those lose-weight-without-exercising-or-cutting-your-calories products and at least considered buying the product. And possibly a few who did buy it. :)

So, I’m thinking this turtle news may give you a chuckle and a memory of a time when you fell for something that wasn’t actually real.

It’s also a good opportunity to remember that sometimes things are real and true, even though we can’t see them. Things like progress toward our goals, to name just one example. It’s sitting there right in front of us, but we’re off looking at fake turtles (see: scale and tape measure) and can’t see our successes.

Real or not real. It’s worth slowing down a little to make sure we understand what we’re seeing, don’t you think? :)

10 thoughts on “Duped, But Wiser For It

  1. Oh Cammy!!! I am busting a gut here! I was thrilled with that pic of the turtles…and I still am.

  2. Okay, I LOVE that you confessed your mistake on the blog. That's too funny! (I would TOTALLY have made the same mistake, too).

    Great reminder to slow down- there's a health analogy to everything we encounter 😀

  3. The turtles look so real! I can totally see how you fell for them.

    Now, that log; it's a fake if I ever saw one…

    Loved your analogy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. you are not alone, cammy, i do stuff like that all the time.

    great analogy with life though.

    it's good that you can chuckle at yourself and turn it into a lesson.

  5. Funny! And how impressive that you found such a great analogy in there.

  6. I have been so busy the past few weeks that I am almost never on the computer. I popped on this morning and read this and I am SO glad I did. I love this post. I am filing it away to be remembered whenever I'm not sure if something is real or not.
    I love your writing style!

  7. Cammy, you always have that "aha moment" in your posts! Thank you so much for this & for those last couple paragraphs that say it all. Such deep meaning!!!!

    I am also sharing your Sabbath Manifesto post next week (I think Thursday). I hope you don't mind & of course I link to you & say it is yours & all that! :-) It is just that the blog world seems a bit burned out lately & I think we could all use your post.. a good read AND an important thing to think about!

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