Gotta Keep Movin'

It’s the time of year in Memphis when you don’t dare stand still outdoors, lest you end up covered in that powdery-green finery known as pollen much like this car:

Pollen on car Between the air outside and the remodeling paint fumes, this has been the toughest year ever for me, allergy-wise. I think the worst is behind me, though, and we have a nice little thundershower going on just now, which should help clear the air.

zepherine drouhin I did manage to quickly get my summer crops planted: 2 tomatoes, a cucumber, and a bell pepper. As a fledgling gardener with limited prepared space, I thought it prudent to start small. (That tippy toe thing, again.) I also bought a new rose bush: Zepherine Drouhin, an old bourbon rose from the late 1800s.

Mine doesn’t look quite like this, and most likely won’t this year, but maybe next year or the one after. :)

Beyond that, I finished painting two rooms, completed the first-of-the-year lawn mowing, and napped a lot. You wouldn’t think sniffling would tire a girl out so much, but I’ve been pretty zonked. Still, I’ve managed to burn 500-600 extra calories per day and that’s what I needed. (Say, I wonder if sneezing burns extra cals?)

Anyway, I’m waaaay behind on reading blogs, having just managed a few each day this week, but I’m hopeful I can be back on track by the end of the week. *fingers crossed for return to routine!*

I hope Spring is being kind to you ( if you’re under allergy attack, know that my sympathies are with you!), and that you’re getting to enjoy some warmer (cleaner) air.  Are you planning a garden? Looking forward to the farmer’s market? Practicing safe tanning? How are you celebrating Spring (or Autumn for folks south)?

20 thoughts on “Gotta Keep Movin'

  1. I am going to spend a lot of time at the farmer's market when it opens. Now that I am such a big veggie eater:)

    Have to get on my soap box, sorry. Sunscreen! Says this three time skin cancer survivor.

  2. Glad to now you're on the mend.

    I want a rose bush in my garden but I want a lemon tree more. * smile*

  3. I had a dud season with tomatoes. Planted 6 plants and got about 10 fruits.


  4. Wow, you have been busy!

    We have not had much success in gardening in the past. This year my husband is determined to do it right! He even read a book about gardening, the first book that wasn't computer related or the scriptures that I've ever seen him read! I guess I should probably read it, too. :)
    There's nothing I love more than frest tomatoes out of my garden.

  5. ugh, allergies suck! i'm allergic to 'bout everything under the sun, so i can sympathize. still, you got a ton done!
    and yes, i do believe sneezing burns more calories than if you weren't sneezing. just think how the sneeze wracks your whole body! :)

  6. Glad you are better Cammy. I have NO gren thumb so I don't try this gardening stuff. I can kill a cactus & that is hard to do! :-)

  7. That's so much fun that you have a garden! I hope that your allergies calm down a bit. That's rough.

    I'm looking forward to spending more time outdoors without freezing my butt off :)

  8. I pretty much can't go outside right now. Or for the rest of the summer. Haha. Living in Memphis is not my favorite.

  9. I've heard the pollen is bad right now!! Bummer for you and those who have allergies!

    Spring is not loving Iowa right now, it was 30 degrees this morning. :(

  10. I, on the other hand, LOVE Memphis. I went to Ole Miss so I have spent a lot of time up there.

    My wife and I planted Tomatoes for the first time just a few days ago. I can remember when I was a little kid, my Grandfather growing them. I hope we do as well as he did.

    That is what I am doing for spring. I am thinking about posting some pics on my blog—


  11. Joe & I are out walking every evening for 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. Joe says he is going to plant some tomatoe plants but I haven't seen any progress. I hate coming to work or doing anything involving leaving the house on rainy days but I'm so thankful for the rain we are getting right now. I have a blue car that was completely covered in pollen yesterday afternoon. I'm thankful allergies have not flared up for me or Joe.

  12. Sorry Cammy the above comment is from me JC. I forgot Joe was logged in before me.

  13. That pollen pic reminds me of the three years I spend in Valdosta, GA. You can't really believe it until you see it — it's like yellow frost! I'm happy to report I cannot SEE the pollen here in Wisconsin, but I can feel it coming. Hope the rain brings relief!

  14. Zepherine is thornless, isn't it? So beautiful. Pink roses are my favorite. We had a few weirdly hot days that shot everything into frenetic bloom. Now it's cooling off into the 50s.

  15. No allergies as far as I know. Our farmer's market is open all year round, but of course the produce is way better in spring and summer. I love my market!

    I am loving the trees turning green. Today I saw a beautiful weeping willow and it is just stunning right now. The tulip trees are all blooming and everything is looking crisp and green…thank you rain for the past couple of days!!!

  16. Pollen is so polleny. Ahhh-choo! Makes my eyes itch, too. I'll leave the growing of my produce to the farmers.

    Need to do some spring cleaning. Reading about everything you've done has inspired me.

  17. The pollen stopped us dead in our tracks earlier this week. Total shut down in the household and misery ensued for 2 days. Thankfully (I think), it got cold and rainy again. Who knew bad weather could be such a relief.

    I'm jazzed about your gardening progress. I need to get things planted soooon.

  18. I'm STILL playing catch up from blog reading and I've been back from vaca for a week, so I totally understand. We also get the pollen up here too and I have a lot of allergies. Tough time of year!

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