Is This Thing On?

Ta-da! New digs! I hope you like them, because I’m not changing anything–EVER. Or not through the weekend anyway. :)

When Google announced several months ago that they would no longer support ftp posting to self-hosted blogs (you have to use their servers now), I admit: I panicked a little. And I did what I often do when I’m panicked: I put off any decision making about what to do about the problem. Instead, I focused on home remodeling projects and other such stuff. Anything but the blog.  A few weeks ago, I realized that the May 1 deadline was rapidly approaching. Yikes!

I can’t even tell you how much work went into designing the new site and hauling three years worth of blogging history over here without losing RSS feeds, page ranks, and such. The reason I can’t tell you is because I didn’t do any of it. Well, not much. In a search for info on how to move from blogger to WP, I found Harriet@CreativeBlogMe. (You may know her from Harriet and Friends, where she blogs about life, mommyhood, and other cool stuff.) Harriet and I teamed up to make the blogger-to-wordpress move happen.

Harriet’s role:
– Create new blog design and banner
– Create WP account
– Install WP
– Install template (Thesis, if you don’t recognize it)
– Copy blogger history
– Move blogger stuff (with my wise and cautionary advice:”Don’t drop anything!”)
– Smoosh all the blogger stuff into the right categories/labels/buckets
– Set up all the RSS feeds
– Add all widgets and plug-ins
– Miscellaneous (This seems like a good bucket for all the other stuff she did that she advised me of, but which went straight over my pointy ex-manager head)

My role:
– Wring hands (pre-project)
– Gnash teeth (pre-project)
– Post entry advising readers of impending blog move
– Research toe images and opt for old toes (will re-visit in future after post-migration recovery period)
– Review Harriet’s periodic action updates
– Clap and squeal with joy a lot (enough to count as my cardio on Thursday)
– Learn to log in to WP
– Changed tag line (without assistance!!)

As you can see, a real team effort! :)

Seriously, I owe Harriet a tremendous debt of gratitude. Yes, this is her business, but she jumped in and got this thing done in a heartbeat–cheerfully, efficiently and expeditiously. I’d still be staring at the screen in a stupor without her.

This may read like an advertisement, but if it is, it’s uncompensated (financially, that is.) I merely want to give credit where it is due and give a great big shout out to Harriet for a job well done.

*Cue applause*

I’ll be poking around WordPress a bit over the weekend, and there are still some tasks to be done. (Harriet didn’t write my pages for me. Hmmphff!) But for the most part, this is it. I hope you like the new look and that you’ll still hang out with me!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

This concludes my first WP post.

25 thoughts on “Is This Thing On?

  1. Love the new work – and welcome to WordPress – I love it, especially since I know NOTHING about technology!

    Happy Friday Chica!
    .-= Biz´s last blog ..Happy Friday! =-.

  2. I hope you’re happy in your new WP home. Harriet did a great job! I don’t care where you go or what platform you’re on, I love hanging out with you.

    Not sure if it’s still in the works but I don’t see any title on the top of the page – it’s just white. I use IE so it could be an issue with that.

    Enjoy the new digs and have a great weekend!

    • Thanks, MB! I didn’t think to test IE, and I’m getting the same results. Can’t have a book without a cover, can we?

  3. You are so smart for getting help from the get go! I had great advice from some fabulous bloggers but still managed to muck things up when I moved to So I eventually hired my own professional assistance and it was well worth every penny! But now I have you to ask questions of! I will be keeping an eye on your related posts… since I deactivated that plug in after decided they were not very related at all.

    I’m so glad your move went so well:)

    • Karen, thanks! We’ll figure it out together. :) When I read how many people were having problems on bloggers migration “help” forum, I knew I was in over my head.

  4. Wow! Love the new digs. Who does your decorating? Since I am so non-tech savvy I’m assuming that I’m still able to use the same address. At least I found you today. Hope that will work as time goes on. Teaching this old dog new tricks isn’t as easy as it used to be.
    .-= vraz60´s last blog ..Lack Luster =-.

  5. Very nice! WTG Harriet!
    .-= Kimberley´s last blog ..Worthy Cause Wednesday =-.

  6. It looks great, Cammy!
    .-= Fitcetera´s last blog ..I’ve Turned a Corner … Peekaboo! =-.

  7. Congrats Cammy!!!! I love it! I will be keeping Harriet in mind just in case! I so want to move from GoDaddy! They are mucking stuff up royally & now that I hear all your stuff moved over fine, I may look into this. When I moved from my super old site to GoDaddy, I could not get my old posts to move with me so this is a biggie for me!

    Very excited for you!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Reader Questions; Laughter for Health; A Fun Picture! =-.

  8. the new site looks great! congrats!
    i remember back in january when i moved platforms and it was a nightmare, so i can totally relate about the emotional rollercoaster you were on.

  9. YAY Cammy! I know you are so relieved it all went well!

  10. Love the new digs!! I have only ever used wordpress, but fiddled a bit with blogger when i was first thinking about blogging.. i like WP, but don’t remember what the other was like to compare it too.

    Love the red sidebars too.. nice facelift!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Sat May 1st Cooking up a storm =-.

  11. Everything looks great!
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..Friday Funny – Holy Email =-.

  12. I LOVE the new blog and think it looks FANTASTIC. Well done!
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..“Life is really simple…” + shepherd’s pie recipe =-.

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