All Quiet on the Southern Front

Just checking in to let everyone know that I have not been eaten by the World’s Largest Lizard. In fact, I’ve convinced myself that I heard him slithering (or do lizards skitter?) down the wall and far, far away from the crazy lady who almost put his beady little eye out with her rake.

I have, however, prepared a first line of defense in the event he should find his way back to my wall and try to slip into my open window:

two vicious and teensy toy reptiles on my window

Corky and Lulu

You may remember Lulu (right), my inner lizard helper. She’s assisted by Corky Crocodile, my remember-to-use-sunscreen helper. I’m counting on them to show the lizard (along with his friends and any bugs, squirrels, chipmunks, or neighborhood cats) that this house is well-protected!

I’ve done some research (why must they include photos?) and I believe this beast is the Carolina anole and male. His throat was red, which is apparently a male territorial thing. (As far as I’m concerned, when he pays part of the mortgage, he can flare his red throat (from afar) all he wants, but until then he needs to zip it!) In conjunction with my “name your fears” efforts, I have named him “Barbarosa”, which means “Red Beard” in Spanish (It’s also the title of a really good and nicely quirky film starring Willie Nelson and Gary Busey.)

I also found an article written by delusional people who want to take care of the anole lizards! (Beware: these people may be living in your communities!)

All things considered, I’m just relieved it’s apparently a male and not some floozy lizard dropping in to give birth. {shudder} But like I said, I’m convinced he’s gone. He is. I’m sure of it! And with Corky and Lulu to protect me, I’m equally sure he will never come back! Ever!

Life goes on. I’m pleased to report that I got in all three of my strength training workouts this week! And if we discount the ginormous chocolate-frosted chocolate cupcake I had a Barnes & Noble (and we should), I was right on target with my nutritional goals. I even made my own tortilla strips for my taco salad, using a high-fiber tortilla, some olive oil, and some kosher salt. (Brush or spritz the oil on the tortilla, cut into pieces, sprinkle with salt, bake at 400 until crisp–easy schmeasy.) They made a nice crunchy addition to the salad and on the second night I made them, I sprinkled them with some taco seasoning for some “nacho-flavored” high fiber tortilla strips. Tasty with a hint of decadence.

I also did a weigh-in this week, for no other reason than I found my scale tucked away on a shelf in the bedroom closet and returned its proper place on the bathroom floor. I couldn’t remember the last time I weighed, so I thought a wee check couldn’t hurt. Results? Safely in my goal range, but approaching the upper end of it. Whew! I can handle that!

So, all is under control and quiet here. I see clouds moving in, so I’m off to squeeze in a bike ride before the rain starts. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

11 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Southern Front

  1. I hope you never see that lizard again! I hate lizards, snakes, frogs, bees, wasps – really a lot of things like that!

    I hope you got your ride in before the rain. They keep calling for rain here but I haven’t seen a drop in days. I need to get out and water the garden!

  2. I’m sure that lizard wouldn’t dare step foot (claw?) on your property again. He’s been sufficiently threatened.

    Yes, we should forget that cupcake. I’m all for that.

    Good job staying in the goal range. For me, maintenance is harder than losing. Sigh….

  3. Glad to hear Larry (my name for him) has gone off in search of another lounge to live in.

    Glad you are still in your goal range!!!

  4. I really hope that sucker is gone. I know I would be freaking big time. Glad to hear you’re doing well and still within goal range. And again, that sucker freaks me out! I can’t get past it and it’s not even my house!
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..Why dieting makes you fat =-.

  5. I am extremely relieved the lizard didn’t eat you! Much fiercer than cute little ones we had in AZ when I was growing up.

  6. I’m so glad that you have Corky and Lulu there to protect you. That lizard is sure to never show up with those guys around

  7. Hehehe I enjoyed this. Glad that all is well with you, Cammy! Your tortilla strips sound yummy.

  8. Sheesh! What is it with all the lizard haters?! Oh well…anyways.
    I totally agree about discounting that cupcake, and am glad that you are within your weight goals. :)

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