Digging Deep

I first read Dorothy Gilman’s A Nun in the Closet back in the early 80s. It’s a fun little mystery about nuns, thugs, hippies, and a funny little guru. I no longer remember most of the book, but one little passage has stayed with me all these years. It’s a small bit of dialog from the guru, Bhanjan Singh, offered during a story-telling session one evening [italics are mine]:

Once upon a time, he said, when God had finished making the world, he wanted to leave behind Him for man a piece of His own divinity, a spark of His essence, a promise to man of what he could become, with effort. He looked for a place to hide this Godhead because, he explained, what man could find too easily would never be valued by him.

“Then you must hide the Godhead on the highest mountain peak on earth,” said one of his councilors.

God shook his head. “No, for man is an adventuresome creature and he will soon enough learn to climb the highest mountain peaks.”

“Hide it then, O Great One, in the depths of the earth!”

“I think not,” said God, “for man will one day discover that he can dig into the deepest parts of the earth.”

“In the middle of the ocean then, Master?”

God shook His head. “I’ve given man a brain, you see, and one day he’ll learn to build ships and cross the mightiest oceans.”

“Where then, Master?” cried His councillors.

God smiled. “I’ll hide it in the most inaccessible place of all, and the one place that man will never think to look for it. I’ll hide it deep inside of man himself.”

I see a lot of truth in this passage, both in a spiritual sense and in a parallel to the weight loss/maintenance world. Magazines, books, DVDs, websites–they’re all great for providing information we can use. But I think we often look outside ourselves for answers to our problems, when it’s very possible that we’ll find a lot of them from within. We just have to be still and dig deep.

And when we do find them, they are more precious than gold and are nearly impossible to forget.

Just one of those posts I needed to write for myself. And an opportunity to share one of my favorite little stories with you. :)

Agree? Disagree? Please discuss.

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11 thoughts on “Digging Deep

  1. I have never seen that story before – it is powerful. Yes, it is all about digging deep sometimes, and also about figuring out how to do that digging.

  2. So this is interesting timing for me since today I posted about my question – does there have to be a reason why I have food/weight/eating issues? I don’t know the answer… not to why I have issues, but to if there must be some big reason behind it all. Or can it be simply habit and boredom. Do I need to look inside myself more? And for what? Can I find the answers within and they are simple? Or do they need to be bigger than the problem itself? This is certainly something I have been thinking about lately.

  3. I love this. Thank you for sharing. This is such a powerful message. I could go on and on about what this means for me spiritually. Knowing our divine nature can help us in all aspects of our life.

    I agree with you. I can look outside for answers all I want but untill I look inside and find the power within, I will not succeed. In fact, I probably spent 3 months looking outside for answers, but untill I found the motivation inside I did not start doing anything about it.

  4. This story sounds as though it could have come from the book I’m reading (Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life)…it’s really, truly all about what’s inside us that counts in terms of making lasting change. (Wouldn’t it be easier if it was something external? Something we could just pick up at Target with the laundry detergent and cat litter?)
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..My Mission Statement for Healthy Weight and Well-Being =-.

  5. I would tend to agree. I mean how many times have I told myself, “You know what you have to do to be successful with this diet. You know what to do. You don’t need a book or fad diet.”

    So yeah, I agree with that. I know I make things much more difficult than they need to be 99% of the time.
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..Should you exercise when sick? + Curried Bison Biryani & Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies =-.

  6. Cammy, what a great passage and oh so true! I almost always turn outward looking for how to….time to look inward!

    Thanks for the reminder! :)

  7. Agreed.
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