Makeover Monday: Flip-flops Flop

Surprise! It’s been a while since we had a Makeover Monday post, so I thought why not work one in this week?

This topic was inspired by a random comment made by a traffic court clerk, of all people. I had to go to traffic court* and while we were waiting to enter the courtroom, the clerk came out and ordered anyone wearing revealing attire or flip-flops to move to a separate part of the hallway. There, they received a lecture on appropriate courtroom attire**. As our clerk led the rest of us into the courtroom, he added the comment, “Besides, flip-flops are bad for your feet!” [Italics mine]

That caught my attention! In the summertime, if I’m not wearing sneakers, I’m wearing my flip-flops***! Surely this man was insane! I was tempted to call my podiatrist to verify this**** , but I was afraid he would charge me for the call. So I turned to my back-up, Dr. Google.

It turns out Mr.-Court-Clerk-Foot-Specialist was right. Flip-flops aren’t that bad on occasion, but they’re not exactly the best choice in footwear for long periods of time.  Consider the following:

  • The lack of proper arch support, heel cushioning, and shock absorption can cause pain in our feet or lower legs.
  • Changes in the way we walk in flip-flops can damage the connective tissue in the foot, leading to pain, inflammation, or heel spurs.
  • Exposed feet have a greater risk of injury from stubbed or smashed toes, puncture wounds or cuts
  • Wearing flip-flops while driving can create quite the hazard if they get snagged on a pedal or lodged underneath one, preventing it from operating
  • The lack of foot coverage increases our risk of insect or snake bites or illness caused by exposure to bacteria
  • Lack of skin coverage increases the risk of sunburn, since many of us don’t think to put sunscreen on our feet*****.

After The Weedeater Incident of 1987, I learned not to wear flip-flops while doing yard work, but I hadn’t really considered most of the other hazards. I’m not ready to toss out all my flip-flops or give them up completely, but maybe I’ll wear them a little less often. I think that’s all the flop experts (floxperts?) are suggesting.

And you? Are you a frequent flipper? Would you wear flip-flops to court?

Post notes:
*case dismissed, which was good since I was Not Guilty!
** I learned later that they were sent home to change clothes.
*** If I’ve had a pedicure, that is.
****After court, of course, because cell phones, mp3 players, and blue-tooth devices are another great big courtroom no-no, along with reading and talking. (I heard a rumor that breathing was okay, as long as you were quiet about it.)
*****Been there, done that. Ouch.

22 thoughts on “Makeover Monday: Flip-flops Flop

  1. i love flip flops. if i could wear them year-round every day, i would. unfortunately i can’t wear them to work and in missouri winters they are not a good idea :( i didn’t ever think about them being bad for your feet. i will ponder that… but rebelliiously, i still love ’em :)

    i’m curious about the weedeater incident of 1987?!

    • It was gruesome, Liz. I was using the Weedeater on my driveway (while wearing flip-flops) and felt a stinging on the top of my foot where leg and foot connect. When I looked down, I saw that I had managed to trim about a 1″ x 3″ section of skin from the area. I went to the doctor to have it cleaned. He took one look at it and said, “Lemme guess…Weedeater, right?” Apparently, there were many idiots like me who didn’t know that you shouldn’t do yard work in flip-flops. I learned my lesson and wear socks and sneakers now. :)

  2. Seven years ago my cute shoe days ended with a diagnosis of neuroma. Basically, my step aerobics had caused nerve damage on the bottom of my foot! I stopped doing them and all high impact exercise and started wearing supportive (and unfortunately expensive) shoes. And that is all I wear still. Sadly. So no flip flops here.

  3. I think the last time I wore flip flops was in the early ’80s. I hate having anything between my toes so flip flops are out.

    Sorry you had to waste time in the courthouse when, of course, they realized you were not guilty.

  4. My podiatrist warned against wearing flip flops last year when I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Now that I don’t have any foot problems I am so tempted to wear flip flops! They are easy to slip on and look so much better with capris than socks and tennis shoes. I’m going to find some that look like they have a good amount of support.
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..The "Almost Perfect" Weekend =-.

  5. Oh gosh, good tip about the weedeater!

    I can never find my flipflops. I can never find anything. It’s such a bummer.

  6. No flip flops for me. I have never liked anything between my toes, so I never where them.

    I am a goober about sandals, too. I wear socks with them! Of course, I started that habit in Boulder, CO – where it was the norm. Here in upstate NY – not so much LOL!
    .-= Lori (Finding Radiance)´s last blog ..Happy Mother’s Day! =-.

  7. I don’t own any flip flops…. unless you count Crocs. Are those flipfops? They are not like thongs tho-

    I would wear my Crocs to court. However, I might get a lecture.


  8. I LOVE flip flops but make a conscious effort to ear them a little as possible. At the pool…yes. Going shopping…no. :)

    Now that I’ve had foot and ankle issues I find myself more and more in my sneakers.

  9. *shudder* I have one leg longer than the other, so if I don’t buy quality shoes that the shoemaker can add a lift to, my hips hurt like crazy. Proper shoes are super important for good health.
    .-= Sagan´s last blog ..Sneaky Cupboard Strategies for Weight Loss =-.

  10. Hey Cammy,

    I do not wear flip flops, can’t hack that strap between the toes! Plus my feet aren’t the right shape for flip flops, but I do wear other types of sandals…too hot in FL to have your feet covered up all the time…:)

  11. Eek, I don’t know why anyone where’s flip flops. I hate the feeling of anything between my toes. Berkenstocks all the way!
    .-= Monica´s last blog ..Celeriac and Horseradish Burgers =-.

  12. Guilty, your honor! I was a confirmed flip-flopper until I discovered I liked being barefoot even more. I rarely wear shoes nowadays, which drives my husband crazy. -15º in the winter with a windchill of -40º and I’m barefooted. (Indoors, of course….I’m not that stupid!) Knock on wood, no injuries, unless you count stubbed toes. :)
    .-= vraz60´s last blog ..Weekend Recap =-.

  13. I am an AVID flip flop wearer!!! I had no idea that they weren’t that good for your feet. Wow.

    And double WOW for the weed eater incident. Ouch!
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..“Get your fat ass back in the gym!” + beef stir fry recipe =-.

  14. I had heard & read about flip flops being bad AND heard news storeis as welll. Since my feet are VERY ugly, I don’t show them in the light of day anyway! Well, if I am in Hawaii, yes… but that is short term so..

    I don’t know about this court stuff…. so much sitting & waiting & such… we should be comfortable!

    YIKES on the weed thing!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Can Parents Help Their Daughters Avoid The "Fat Trap"? Family Stuff; Gift Card Winner =-.

  15. I have to admit that I haven’t worn flip flops since I was a kid (which was a LONG time ago). Can still feel the blisters in between my toes.

    I like a shoe that props me up and makes me look a little taller. Make that two shoes!

  16. I love flip flops, but love going barefoot even more. THEN, I started having foot pain and read about lack of shoe support being a frequent culprit. So, now I wear supportive shoes around the house and my foot pain is gone.

    And no – I wouldn’t wear flip flops to court!

  17. I learned this about flip flops a few years ago and I was bummed, too. I don’t wear them quite as often as I used to, but I still adore them. Thanks for sharing your court room adventure. Glad your case was dismissed and that your Weedeater incident wasn’t worse!

  18. Well, now you can spend $50 or $60 and get FIT FLIP FLOPS! 😉 And oh yes, I did. I originally ordered the Skecher ones, but they extended about 2 inches beyond my toes and looked like CLOWN flip flops. No way I was going to wear those, so they went back. Then I heard Reebok had some, so I searched those out when I was in Texas. Found them at Dick’s Sporting Good’s store and bought a brown pair since I wear brown and turquoise a lot to my Dove Chocolate parties. Then at a shoe store at the outdoor mall, saw some purple and white ones, which were MUCH cuter, but they didn’t have my size. :-(

    They do have great support and an interesting bounce to them, but are a little uncomfortable around the top of the strap across the foot. My daughter said she thought she saw something at Walmart that you can put around there to make it more comfy, so I’m going to look for those.

    When we went to Sea World, I walked about 5 miles every day. I always wore my Skecher sneakers. And looked at women wearing the thin rubber flip flops or strappy sandals and don’t understand how their feet survive!
    .-= MamaBearJune´s last blog ..HYC Check in – 181.4 =-.

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