When Heat Attacks

Having just come in from mowing the lawn for two hours in the middle of the afternoon, it seems especially important to remind everyone of some cautionary tips for exercising outdoors. I first posted these tips way back in 2008 (pity I didn’t remember them today), and as far as I know, they’re still valid.

The Hot Body You Don’t Want

tips for exercising in the heat

Check the weather report first! If the temps are going to be above 90F/32C and/or your humidity is expected to be at or higher than 75%, it might be a good idea to move your workout indoors. Also be mindful of the air quality. In problem areas, the weather forecasters will include any ozone warnings. If you don’t belong to a gym, consider going to a mall to walk or to a multi-story building for some stair-climbing. At minimum, you may want to search out shaded trails or parks for your workout.

Watch the clock. Sun exposure, humidity and ozone issues are most intense midday. You’re better off exercising early in the morning or late evening, before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m.

Hydrate yourself Despite the rumors, it will not make you go blind. :) Drink more water than normal, and make sure you drink it before, during, and after your workout. If you’re going to be exercising for longer than an hour, you may want to add in one of the sports-type drinks to replace electrolytes. (In the past I drank Smart Water, which supposedly contains minerals needed to restore electrolytes. It could have been a mind game thing, but I swear it made a difference.)

Dress appropriately. Wear fabrics that contain wicking, which will help pull moisture away from your skin. Light-colored fabrics are best to reflect the sun’s rays. A cap will help shade your face and protect the top of your head. Sunglasses will protect your eyes. Oh, and sunscreen! Lots and lots of waterproof sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher. (Here’s a secret Cammy tip: keep a couple of damp washcloths in the freezer. When you get ready to exercise outdoors, grab a cloth and drape it across the back of your neck. Keep the other cloth for when you return home.)

Mind your transitions. Acclimate yourself to the heat. Start by exercising outdoors for just a few minutes each day and gradually increase your time. When you’ve finished exercising, ease your transition back into the cooler indoor climate. (I grab the remaining freezer cloth and a fresh glass of water, straight from the refrigerator door, and sit on my patio for a good 15 minutes. It’s during this time that I gloat over my success.)

Finally, pay attention to your body. Monitor your heart rate and if your intensity level rises above your target range, slow down or stop exercising for a bit. We rejoice in our improved fitness levels, but during times of extreme heat, it’s a really bad idea to push too hard. Looking on the bright side, you have a built-in excuse for taking an extra break or two. If you have any signs of heat illness (more on that below), stop immediately.

Danger Signs to Watch For

When heat/humidity rise, sweat can’t evaporate as quickly from our bodies, which can lead to overheating.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include weakness, muscle cramps, dehydration, dizziness, confusion, rapid heart rate and headache. If left untreated, things can rapidly go from bad to worse, possibly resulting in heat stroke.

Heat stroke can be fatal and requires immediate medical attention. Symptoms include loss of consciousness, vomiting, respiratory distress, and hot, dry skin (your body’s signal that it’s not sweating properly).

Scared straight, I hope? Exercise is important, but exercising wisely is key. Please be safe so that you can be here. I, for one, would miss you if you were gone.

As for me, I’m off to soak my head and other body parts. No gym today for me!

P.S. Good news! My Dove deodorant held up to its task! :)

11 thoughts on “When Heat Attacks

  1. The heat is definately here! Thanks for posting this…again. After such a nice cold winter it’s easy to forget just how much heat can get to us.

    While you soak your head (and other parts) I’m going to Walgreens for some Dove!
    .-= Tena´s last blog ..One day down… =-.

  2. Thanks for those tips and reminders! That washcloth trick would be great for a hot flash, too!

  3. I had chest pain all day yesterday….didn’t eat enough or drink water….
    My bad! I guess the rules don’t apply to me, eh?
    Or so you would think, that that’s what I think…..

  4. Good advice. Want to send some of that hot weather over here? It’s been bordering on getting below freezing the past few days!
    .-= Sagan´s last blog ..Product Review and Giveaway: Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil =-.

  5. These are great tips. I can’t wait to get back on my bike outdoors and the weather will be hotter when I do. My plan will be to get up and go early. Sigh.

  6. Great post!! It is at this time of year that I have to really be cognizant of my water intake. Being a golfer, and in the heat for 3.5++ hours at a time, I’ve seen plenty of heat related incidents. Water, water, water. That’s my summertime mantra. Thanks for the reminders!!
    .-= vraz60´s last blog ..Product Review =-.

  7. Hi, new to your blog!

    I just posted about how HOT it was yesterday & how awful i felt after. (I live in Louisiana.) I was starting to look into gyms that allow a summer-only memberships. Someone commented on my blog w/ a link to this post! :) SOOO HELPFUL! Thank you! :)

  8. This is a great post. I suffer in the heat. I have a headache tonight after working out. I drank 2 quarts of water before going but it was hot in there and I was soaked when I was done. I have been getting worried about summer workouts in the evening…it is soooo hot in there and they don’t cool it off. I have been making myself go even when it is hot hoping I will get used to it before the real heat gets here. Morning classes are much cooler.
    .-= Sunny Days´s last blog ..Weigh-in Day… =-.

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