Short, short post this morning. I’m having intermittent “server issues”, and I don’t know how long I’ll have access to my account.

So many times we of the weight loss persuasion see weekends as danger zones for over-eating or otherwise going off our plans. I’m challenging myself (and YOU) to spend more time imagining ourselves being successful, than we do fretting about our missteps.  As the saying goes, What you see is what you get. If our view of ourselves includes the words weak or undisciplined, we set ourselves up to fulfill that view. (IMO, of course.)  If, however, we see ourselves as fully capable of making good decisions (whether that’s to avoid eating a certain food or deciding that it’s worth a splurge), then we’re far, far more likely to follow that path. Or at least stay close enough that we can see it. :)

I’m taking a few minutes this morning to imagine the events of the upcoming weekend and visualize myself as the strong-willed (some would say stubborn), fully capable person I am, and how those qualities will serve me well. I hope you’ll join me in spending even a teensy bit of time considering your own strengths and how they will help you through the days ahead.

Have an awesome weekend!

10 thoughts on “WYSIWYG Weekend

  1. I am finding that during the summer months with the Farmers’ Markets everywhere, I can survive the weekends much more easily knowing that fresh, delicious produce awaits me. Even eating out with friends is easier, as we seek out the places that use the produce and proteins that are grown locally. Winter is a whole other story!!
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  2. I am here from Friday Follow! I am also on a weight loss journey. I look forward to reading more.

    I am following you via email.
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  3. You always, always, always have the most sage advice, whether here or comments you leave on my blog. I can hear you speaking right to me today Cammy. And I am going to listen:)

  4. When I am following a healthy eating plan I find the weekends the easiest. I think that is because I HATE (can’t stress this enough) lugging all my food for the day to work. I work from 7:30 – 5, four days a week and I need to bring breakfast, 2 lunches (one for my BF) and two snacks.
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  5. Cammy, that is great advice. It is so easy to pi ck out our faults, not so easy to see the strengths! Thanks for the thought, I will do it!

  6. Great post Cammy! I think a lot of people look at the weekend as a reason to “let loose” but if you do that all day long both days, well, you might put on all your hard work from the other 5 days.

    I plan for the weekend & it is like any other day. PLANNING is key! Ya can still enjoy & not overdo.

    Hope you get the server stuff resolved!
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  7. It really is great advice. I know I tend to be too hard on myself and then feel like an utter failure.

  8. Great post! Visualizing your success is a sure-fire way to reach it. If you can imagine the most positive outcome possible I’m sure you (and everyone reading) will be empowered to reach for it and succeed!

  9. Yes. Focus on the positive and let the rest take care of itself.
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