Because Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut…

…and sometimes you don’t.

Props to those of you who know the origin of that catchy line. Double props if you know the second line. If you don’t know it, I’ll let it drive you a crazy for a few minutes and tell you at the end of the post.

As  a slogan it doesn’t really work for me, because I lovelovelove nuts! I have them in one form or fashion almost every day, and I thought it was a good time to give them a moment in the spotlight.


It goes without saying that nuts are tasty. It’s just some cosmic gift that they’re also good for us. (Would that we could say the same about pepperoni-extra-cheese pizza! *mournful sigh*)  Nuts do our bodies right by being excellent sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, good-for-you monounsaturated fats, fiber, antioxidants–oh, all sorts of  good stuff. We should eat nuts by the bucketful!

Okay, maybe that’s pushing it. Debbie Downer says nuts are not calorie free, and the healthy fat angle, unfortunately, doesn’t fall under the “if a little is good, a lot is better” clause. Dang the fine print!  The good news is that with their trifecta punch of protein, good fats, & fiber, a serving of nuts will actually help with satiety. An ounce or so will do the trick!

Except peanuts eaten in a bar, which are addictive and may increase thirst, which in turn may have you ordering extra drinks, which may lead to you doing something worthy of a spot on the nutty people website. Just sayin’.

I didn’t know (or conveniently forgot) that nuts lose up to 10% of their healthy oils when roasted. And according to my alma mater, Reader’s Digest (April 2006), there’s a hierarchy to nut healthiness, listed here from most healthy to least:

  • raw and freshly refrigerated
  • freshly toasted or dry roasted (the DIY version)
  • roasted in their own fat and salted (packaged)
  • roasted in partially hydrogenated fat (eeeew!)
  • sugared (yummy, but potentially disastrous)

So it looks like raw or DIY roasting/toasting is the way to go. That’s A-okay with me! I usually eat them right out of the bag (carefully measuring, of course), which I keep in the fridge for freshness. Nuts can go rancid in a hurry!

According to this brief nut primer, the top choices in nuts are walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, and macadamias. Follow the link for specifics on what makes each of them so very special. As the author advises, our best bet is to eat a variety of nuts to get the biggest health benefit. I confess, I usually alternate between pecans and almonds, or walnuts and almonds. Cashews are my absolute favorites, and I really need to add them in more often. (Oh, the burden of eating healthy(-ier).)

Okay, so it’s obvious that I’m nuts for nuts. What about you–love ’em/hate ’em? Do you have a favorite nut? (Present company excluded, of course.)

Oh! And the slogan, “sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t”, was part of the advertising campaign for Almond Joy and Mounds candy bars. The second line was “Almond Joy’s got nuts, Mounds don’t.” Hope it didn’t set off any yearnings, and apologies if it’s stuck in your head now. :)

22 thoughts on “Because Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut…

  1. DYI roasted, slivered almonds are for me… especially on salads and in cottage cheese!

    Question for you, Cammy: I don’t understand why on some blogs, my name, email and website are already filled in when I open the comments on the post. I have to fill it in every time on yours. Any idea how I can make it automatic?
    .-= Peacefulbird´s last blog ..WW vs. OA =-.

  2. First – since PB brought it up, I have the same experience when I comment here. And also the comment luv doesn’t work for me on your blog but it does on others. Hmmm.

    Second – of course I knew that song. YUM

    Third – I know they are good for me. (Would be great for my high cholesterol.) But I don’t like some (like walnuts which just ruin fudge for me) and others cause my throat to get scratchy. I discovered this the first time I did the South Beach diet and was eating pistachios (yum) and thought it was food allergies. But the allergist tells me it is reflux instead. So, I could eat a ton of those or cashews but don’t because of what they do to me. A few almonds on a salad (or in chocolate) are tasty though.

    • Thanks Karen and PB for letting me know! I apologize to anyone who is having the same problem. I’m researching and tinkering with settings. Let’s hope I don’t blow up the internets.

  3. Le Sigh. Now i’m singing it lol!

    I was allergic to nuts until I gave birth. Then all my allergies shifted around i looove them:)

    Raw almonds is my fav. Toasted in the oven is my absolute fav but I try to avoid doing that because then a) i can’t resist eating too many and b) i can never remember what it does to them but i know its not something awesome like lowering the fat count 😉


  4. I often feel like a nut, but we won’t go into that.

    Cashews, pecans, pistachios, peanuts, almonds, all-of-those-others-in-the-mixed-jar, walnuts. That would be my nut scale from first to last. See, I really am nuts!

    On my previous W/L rampage, two years ago, I ate an ounce of almonds every day at work. Big bag from Costco. Really good idea, until my chubby hubby started raiding the supply. Had to cut him off.

    Of course, I knew that ungrammatical jingle. Almond Joy’s got nuts, Mounds don’t.

  5. MMMMmmmm…nuts! I love them. Especially cashews, pistacios and macadamia nuts. I have to be careful with the portions because it is so easy to overeat them.

    I LOVE ALMOND JOY! Oh, that song is stuck in my head now ….

    Almond Joy’s got rich milk chocolate
    Coconut and a crunchy nut, too
    Mounds got deep dark chocolate
    Chewey coconut ooh

    Sometimes you feel like a nut
    Yeah Yeah Yeah
    Sometimes you don’t
    Oooh oooh
    Almond Joy’s got nuts
    Mounds don’t

    Peter Paul Almond Joy’s got nuts
    Peter Paul Mounds don’t


    Sometimes you feel like a nut
    Sometimes you don’t

  6. Cashews!! Even though they technically are not a nut. They are my favorite out-of-hand nut.

    I pretty much like most nuts, but not a fan of walnuts.

    We usually have almonds, pecans, peanuts, and cashews around. Most of which are kept on top of the cupboards because I can put away nuts like nobody’s business….

  7. Oh yes I do like nuts, Macadamia are a favorite. I don’t eat them very often at least not out of hand as it is too easy to go overboard for me. Since I am trying to lose weight right now I am opting to use then sparingly as more of a garnish over yogurt or in a salad.

    I will try to incorporate more of them into my diet on maintenance.

  8. I love me some nuts just the way you mentioned! I keep mine in the fridge too! I love almonds & cashews the best! I love macadamias too but I want to eat them in Hawaii! :-)

    I love pistachios too & the shell helps with portion control! :-)

    And yup, knew the origins of that catchy line! :-)

  9. I knew the jingle! Every day I have cocoa with coconut oil stirred into it. Tastes like Mounds!

    I love nuts. My favourites are hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, peanuts and cashews. I do eat walnuts, but I usually like them in something as opposed to on their own.

  10. I am just now enjoying nuts. For a long time I didn’t like anything but peanuts. Now I appreciate almonds and kinda like walnuts. Pecans are okay if they are ground up fine.

  11. I do love almonds and peanuts, brazil nuts and macademias. Raw walnuts give me canker sores for some reason! I am careful with the amounts, but glad that nuts got the good word after so many years out of my life!

  12. I’ve developed a taste for raw nuts. Thanks for the tip about storing them in the fridge. Good call.

    I think it was Dr. Oz that said pairing nuts with a citrus helps bring out the best in each other. I’ll have an orange or grapefruit with a handful of nuts. It’s one of my fave snacks.

    (Oh, I don’t get “LUV,” either. I wonder what we all have in common.)

  13. Thanks Cammy!! I blogged about this too not long ago.

    Actually, mine was just about pistachios and peanuts though… then I got all these e-mails from the pistachio people… but not coupons. SUX!!


  14. I’m working on giving up most meats (except for eggs and goat milk from our new farm) so I’m increasing my nuts and seeds. Yes, they need to be eaten in moderation, but a small handful gives lots of protein. PLUS fiber. PLUS there are beans, peas, lentils and other legumes to consider for protein, as well as quinoa and, well, most natural-state foods.

    Took a while off from blogging about my health but I’m back now. Good to see you are still here. Vee at

  15. I remember that commercial! I always felt like a nut… Loved those Almond Joy bars. *memories*

    I go thru different nut phases. Right now I love walnuts in my oatmeal. Yum!!!

  16. I HATE NUTS and always have — peanut butter, too. That being said, I’ve been told I need to get more monounsaturated fats in my diet. But I don’t know how… I REALLY hate them: taste, texture, etc.

    Any suggestions for people like me? :)

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