I Can See Clearly Now

I’m spending this morning washing my windows. All of them, inside and out. Storm windows, too, on both sides. It’s not like I’ve never done it before, just not all at the same time. And maybe not in the same year. To be honest, I hadn’t exactly planned on doing it now, but since Ray-the-painter has all the storm windows off, it seems like a good time to take care of a long-overdue task.

As I was assembling my supplies, I stumbled upon a little weight loss/maintenance parallel (those things are everywhere, you know) that I was happy to find.

Before I started down this healthier path, my weight loss goals were simple: to lose weight. Period. That was it. If I could just lose the excess weight, I would somehow magically keep it off and all would be well.

But that’s not how it works, is it? For most of us, obesity isn’t something we get over and then we’re done, like chicken pox or losing our first tooth. We can clean up our eating, get our bodies moving, and do some internal “repair work”, and then bask in our progress. But we’re still not done.

Life happens and every now and then we’ll likely need to do a little cleaning up, a bit of polishing here and there. Maybe not all of our issues at once. Maybe not all in the same year. But we’ll never reach a point where we can say, “There. I’ll never have to do that again.”

This will be the first time in a long time that all my windows are sparkly at the same time. Not perfect, but as clean and clear as I can get them for now. I know that a smudge or a kamikaze bug or the health department will come along at some point, and I’ll need to wash them again. Even if it’s just a pane or two. That’s okay. I’ll enjoy the clear view while I can. :)

Hope you had a great weekend! I’m looking forward to seeing what you were up to!

14 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. This fits very well for me since it have struggled over the past years with maintenance. I get everything nice and clean (the weight is off) and then I just let the dust and dirt build back up (as I stop cleaning and the weight comes back on). So much like cleaning never ends, so does it now have to be that my “diet” never ends.

  2. I love the feeling of having clean windows! Of course, within 48 hours, there’s usually a thunderstorm! Murphy’s Law, doncha know? If we do move, I know I’ll be cleaning the windows quite frequently while the house is on the market. 😛
    .-= MamaBearJune´s last blog ..HYC Check in – 179.8 =-.

  3. That is all so true! And, I think only those of us with the “O” factor–and fighting it–can see it.

    “There. I’ll never have to do that again.” I WISH!!!

  4. Yes, Cammy… what a perfect parallel!!! Right now, basking in 45 days of overeating abstinence and two jean sizes down (as of today), I don’t really like to think of having to wash my windows again… ever. But you are wise and right… I just hope I remember this down the road a bit. Thanks!!!
    .-= Peacefulbird´s last blog ..Little Temptations =-.

  5. Love your analogy, Cammy. And can I tell you – I have never cleaned my windows from the outside – I’ve either rented, or lived in a condo where someone else had to do it. Which reminds me, I really should clean the inside…

  6. I think it was Dr Phil that said that weight is managed not cured. I love that. Clean windows I love that too!

  7. What a great comparison and you are right – there are analogies to weight loss everywhere. We need to clean our windows – honestly.
    .-= Diane Fit to the Finish´s last blog ..They Were Free =-.

  8. “Obesity isn’t something we get over and then we’re done.” Yup. That little demon is always on the sidelines. Loved the window analogy :)

    Now I must go clean windows…

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