Let’s Put a Bow on It

I once worked with a woman who always said that on Friday afternoons. “Let’s put a bow on it and call it wrapped.” I kind of like that imagery of the week just passed as a gift, which it was. Now it’s time to give it away and be done with it.

By the way, the same woman also said on every payday, “The eagle flies today.” I never quite understood that, but I guess it has something to do with US currency having an eagle on it? I dunno, and it’s not something I have to worry about these days, considering I have no income.

Anyway, this week is ready to be wrapped up, and I’d like to thank you ALL for your input and assistance. You are my #1 web resource and I appreciate you.

To those of you who shared your pride, thank you, and know that I’m proud FOR you! You’re all pretty amazing people, and I hope you know that!

I’m also grateful for the sage advice I received after the workout that almost did me in! I hadn’t considered hormones, lack of sleep or the sodium/potassium angle. Hormones are definitely changing these days, and there’s not a lot I can do about that, but I can watch the other two.

For today’s workout I focused on water, and everything seemed to go okay. I didn’t fade until the end, as desired. I did struggle with my static lunges with weights, which reminded me that Wednesday’s workout had gone south during my walking lunges with barbell. I tried to convince myself that I had developed an allergy to lunges and should probably stop immediately. But my wiser self prevailed. :)

I added in a new-to-me exercise today, which is a great way to end the week. The Zottman Curl is fun! You start at the bottom of the curl with the palms facing out, away from the body. At the top of the curl, you hold a beat before rotating your wrists so the palms face out again and slowly lower your forearms. At the bottom of the lift, you rotate your wrists again, and repeat as desired. It’s going to be a great catch-your-breath move for me, perfect for following something like walking lunges. 😛

And finally, you’ll probably all sleep better knowing that I made a bona fide grocery store run today and enjoyed a real dinner. I can’t believe I ran out of everything at the same time, even my freezer stand-bys! I re-organized my freezer shelves today, so that all the entrees are on one shelf, veggies on another, and nuts and leftover muffin mix on another. It should be easier to spot when I’m running low.

With that, I’m wrapping it up for the week. Unless I find something really remarkable to report at the garage sales tomorrow, I’ll be back on Monday. (Teaser: I’ll be celebrating an anniversary, of sorts!)

What’s up for your weekend? Whatever you’re doing, I hope you enjoy it immensely!

Last point of pride for me this week: I installed a contact widget and updated my ‘Contact’ page (all by myself!) If you ever need to reach me outside the public eye, now you have an easy connection!

11 thoughts on “Let’s Put a Bow on It

  1. I am going to tell you happy whatever anniversary now since I probably will have no time to read blogs next week. I can’t wait to get back here and see what it is:)

  2. Cammy! I think I have a lunge allergy too! 😉 Thanks for the info on the zottman curl, that sounds like fun. :)

  3. Ha ha gotta love those sayings! I do like the bow one… I’ve never heard either before. LOL

    Not much plans for this weekend. We went out last night to a friend’s house but for the rest of the weekend we will probably laze around and do a whole lotta nothing. It’s rainy in my neck of the woods.
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..One year ago… & other realizations =-.

  4. based on the fabulous week you have had i think that not only should you put a bow on it, you should sprinkle some sparkles on it too:)

    looking forward to the “anniversary party” !!!

  5. “Let’s put a bow on it and call it wrapped.” LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I take Friday & Saturday off from structured exercise for the most part so I have done that! Now for my weekend cookie treat! :-)

    I can’t wait to hear about that “anniversary”! Have a great one!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Saturday Funny =-.

  6. I worked with a group that said “the eagle flies today” and it was their expression for “happy hour at the bar after work”. They drank A LOT.

    I forgot about the low potassium thing for making one feel out-of-energy. I’ve had that before. “Eat more bananas,” my doctor advised.

    I used to be able to eat bananas, but not so much anymore. They seem really greasy. I guess I should stop dipping them in batter and frying them…… KIDDING!!!!

    Glad you got to the store. I don’t like to grocery shop, but it’s my job. I’m trying to imagine my son’s face if he popped into the pantry and it was empty. Panic: “MOM!!!!” It wouldn’t be pretty.

    Have a great rest-of-the-weekend, Cammy!

  7. I love the idea of putting a Bow on It.

    Today is my last day as a 70 year old. How on earth did that happen?

    Anyway I’m wrapping up the past 71 years and tying a bow on them. I’m not sure they make anyone a very good present but I do know that the coming year is going to have many challenges, a whole heap of fun, and is full of hope.

    I’m looking into an empty gift box full of opportunity.
    .-= MargieAnne´s last blog ..I DID IT AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN TODAY =-.

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