They’re Ba-a-ck! One Big Happy Family

Earlier this year, The Learning Channel premiered the show One Big Happy Family. It’s about a family of four (mother, father, daughter, son) who are all morbidly obese but determined to change that. I reviewed the show in January (Digest: I liked it) and was all set to cheer the Coles family on! And then then 6-episode series ended for the season.

Well, the Coles are back! The first two episodes of the new season aired last night on TLC and not to give anything away, but they’re looking pretty darned good! Also, they are as warm and funny and endearing as ever. It truly is a joy to watch them try new things, overcome old patterns, and hold together as a strong family throughout. In these first two episodes, we find them:

  • trying to cook healthy for extended family members who are accustomed to a carb & fat festival
  • going through their six-month weigh-ins
  • handling daughter Amber’s first boyfriend, who she has only met over the internet
  • struggling to get son Shayne re-motivated
  • following newly-confident Mom’s consideration of a new career (or three)
  • shopping for new underwear, which leaves Dad a tad uncomfortable
  • dealing with financial stresses many of us can relate to

I can’t wait to see what more the new season brings!

The new episodes will be repeated several times over the next few weeks. Check the schedule for repeat times and for air dates of new episodes. I highly recommend it!

Anyone else see the show and care to comment?

15 thoughts on “They’re Ba-a-ck! One Big Happy Family

  1. I have not seen it but will check it out. I need some light stuff on my recorder to watch when I do my twice-a-day pt exercises at home. This sounds perfect:)

  2. Haven’t seen that one but saw Jillian’s (Biggest Loser fame) show last night. I couldn’t take her being in my face. I would want to punch her.

  3. I must have seen a rerun of a first season episode on TLC this weekend. They were shopping for clothes to wear for a family picture. I wasn’t riveted, but it was OK. Maybe they are an acquired taste. I’ll give ’em another chance if you think they’re worthwhile.

  4. Oh my gosh Cammy I need to schedule this show on my DVR. I wanted to watch it last time but forgot! Thanks for the reminder. I love reality t.v…. I think I have a problem with it actually. An unhealthy obsession. Oh well.
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..A trip down fat pregnancy memory lane + my OB/GYN =-.

  5. Gotta love the shows that make you feel better about your own life. That’s why I watch Wife Swap and was sad when the Osbournes ended their run!
    .-= Grace´s last blog ..What a Beach! =-.

  6. I’m glad they are back too. They are an inspiration to all morbidly obese people that think they have to remain that way. I love the show and the relationship that the parents have with each other and the kids.

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