What Are You Proud Of?

Today’s daily email from my BFF Martha Beck contained this gem:

Right now, say it out loud: “I’m so proud of myself.” The rush of strength
and expansiveness that comes from declaring this honestly is the antidote
to paralysis and the beginning of wonderful adventures, and each time you
choose that, instead of shame, you really should be proud.”

Far be it from me to boss anybody around, but you should try this.

Every day–every hour–we do something that’s positive and worth being proud of, yet all too often we glom onto the one (or possibly three) thing(s) we did that didn’t go as we had hoped or planned. Those itsy bits become our focus and for many of us, become the larger part of our self-definition.  And that’s just plain sad. And wrong. Haven’t you heard? We’re great people!

So let’s get this turned around.

Obviously I’m proud to be maintaining my weight loss, despite family reunions and cupcakes that attack without warning.

I’m proud that I made my Mama proud by not jumping across the table and strangling one of my distant cousins at the family reunion, even if she did deserve it for being such a sanctimonious twit. My cousin, that is, not my mother. My mother is a very nice person and if you thought otherwise, you take it back right NOW!

Speaking of the reunion, I’m proud that my cake balls were so well received. As you know, I’m not much of a cook and I don’t often bring the dish everyone wants the recipe for. :)

I’m proud that I continue to gently push myself in the gym. I’m currently working on chin-ups by using the assisted chin up machine, and I’m proud that I’ve dipped below the 100-lb mark. The idea with these is that you continue to lower the weight until you don’t need any assistance at all. Before you know it, I’ll be proud for doing an unassisted chin-up. (Just one, that’s all I ask.)

I’m proud to have pushed past my writing “issues” to start a new short story. It’s been awhile and I missed it. But not enough to, you know, do it. Until now, that is.

Well, I do go on.  Sadly (or gladly, I guess), I could keep going on. Martha Beck is right: this little exercise creates a rush of strength and energy. I feel a delicious cycle coming on. (So much better than those vicious cycles I used to encounter.)  I’ve got a whole day ahead of me in which to create proud moments. I should get busy with it!

But before I go, and you knew this was coming (c’mon, I gave it away in the title!):

What are YOU proud of?

Be bold! Be generous! You’ve done a LOT to be proud of! Now’s your time to shout it to the rafters!

Or just say it out loud to yourself. After all, it’s most important that YOU get the message. :)

17 thoughts on “What Are You Proud Of?

  1. Well, first of all, I love “delicious cycle” as opposed to “vicious cycle”. Very clever. I could go on and on about my pride. Suffice it to say, beginning my journey to better health heads the list….right after having two wonderful kids (now adults) and two fabulously delightful grandkids.
    .-= vraz60´s last blog ..Blogger Must Not Like Me =-.

  2. Thanks for the reminder; it is too easy and too natural for me to focus on the less savory stuff. I am proud of getting back on my bike and putting in some great rides. And I am proud of doing some jogging intervals on the treadmill lately. Exercise is going well:)

  3. I am proud that I have done my best to sing my song.
    .-= Dr. J´s last blog ..Lab Notes: Mountain Bike Riding Increases Spinal Injuries; Circumcision Can Prevent Sex-Related Injuries =-.

  4. You have lots to be proud of Cammy! I am proud that I was honest enough to write today’s post which is more revealing than I usually am! I am still proud of how hard I work each time I am in the gym.. striving to improve at something each time. I am proud that even though I was “not in the mood” today, I walked with a friend at lunch too & it actually was good for me & “my mood”!

    Thx Cammy!

  5. I am proud of myself for going to the gym today even though I didn’t feel like it, for not eating cookies when my kids were having them, and for getting the bills paid today! Hey, I feel better already!!! :)

  6. I’m proud for forcing myself to apply for a job on a corporate website this morning. And, for putting out a “HELP” email to some of my friends. And, for calling a neighbor and asking her for help with my job situation. It’s really hard for me to do that!

    A chin-up? Are you serious? I could never do that! But I can admire you for doing one! I admire you for being able to spell “sanctimonious”. What is your short story about? Have you published previous pieces?

  7. You have much to be proud of and that is awesome.

    I am proud of myself for putting me at the top of the priority list more often! That is a victory.

    I am proud that I am a good mom, wife, daughter and friend to many.

    I am proud of the healthy choices I continue to make in many areas of my life.

  8. You are AWESOME!

    I’m proud to have raised two awesome children to adulthood who still enjoy the company of their parents occasionally. :-) They are intelligent individuals with unique personalities. God gets most, OK, ALL of the glory, but I’m proud that He chose me to parent these amazing people.
    .-= MamaBearJune´s last blog ..Hiatus =-.

  9. I love the delicious cycle – it’s brilliant! I’m proud that I walked my errands this week instead of taking the car. And I’m proud that I’ve answered nearly all the emails in my inbox. That’s all for now…

  10. “The rush of strength and expansiveness that comes from declaring this honestly is the antidote to paralysis and the beginning of wonderful adventures…” Just what I need… an antidote. Here comes a 10 things I’m proud of list on my blog!!! Thanks!
    .-= Peacefulbird´s last blog ..Surrender =-.

  11. I am so proud of myself for sticking with this healthy lifestyle for the long term and not letting little things derail me. Like the scale, not losing tremendous amounts of weight every week, etc. :)
    .-= Anonymous Fat Girl´s last blog ..Corn is NOT a vegetable & The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson =-.

  12. It’s tough to pick something because like most women, I tend to downplay many of my accomplishments. If I have to think of one thing I guess it would be having the guts to leave a well-paying job, going back to get my teaching degree and having the FAITH to know that if I stick with it, I’ll get that classroom yet!

    BTW, I’m talking about doing a road trip with my brother and Memphis has come up. I would love to meet up with you and have one of those scrumptious looking cupcakes 😀
    .-= Manuela´s last blog ..Quinoa and Rain =-.

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  14. I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF! I’m finally losing weight in Tippy Toe fashion after years of wishing, hoping and dreaming about it.

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